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Skincare by Ashley is a new and exciting skin and personal care business from Millbury native Ashley Devoe. While her business, which is located inside Hair & Nail Concepts at Saint Vincent Hospital in Worcester, has only just started earlier this year, Devoe has been an esthetician for more than six years, specializing in holistic skin care and eyebrows.

Skin and personal care has been a part of Devoe’s life from early on. “My mom is huge into skin care,” Devoe said. “When I was a little girl, I would watch her do her skin regimen every night. Then when I was 10 years old, I got my first face cream and used it morning and night. My mom is great mentor.”

At the age of 14, Devoe had her first facial, which sealed the deal for her future. “As soon as I was done, I knew I wanted to be an esthetician,” she said. “I went on to college, working full time for dermatologist, and fell in love with skin care being a part of the industry.”

Devoe then went on to spend four years at a spa in Northborough and spent time as a regional specialist for the East Coast for Elizabeth Arden, training other passionate professionals in places like New York City and Connecticut.

Then, Devoe launched her own business.

“My business is a little different,” she said. “I am a holistic esthetician. I look at a whole person to treat their skin. I look at stressors, diet, what they are using topically for home care, etc., and then analyze their needs from there. A lot of people don’t realize how much lifestyle and diet affects their skin and immune system. In addition, I recommend a lot of self care like yoga and exercise.”

Another differentiator? Devoe only uses organic skincare products and treatments. “Organic comes from herbs, plants, good nutrition, vitamins, etc.,” she said. “Any product that has a lot of that will keep your skin healthy. Skin products are like food for your skin, and it’s important that what you put on your skin is good for it.”

With that said, and after much research, Devoe only uses products from Blissoma — a small company based in St. Louis — in her practice and for retail sales to clients.

“It’s the only product line I use. The owner, Julie, is an herbalist. I found her on Instagram. I knew the kind of products I wanted to use, so I did research and looked into companies. I found them and just love their products,” Devoe said.

Beyond consulting clients on their skin care regimen and offering the best products for them at home, Devoe provides various services that use the Blissoma products.

“I do various types of facials, and brows are huge in my practice — waxing, brow mapping, shaping, tinting, etc. I also do lash tinting and full-body and facial waxing.”

As for pricing of her services, an express facial for 30 minutes is $45, 60-minute facials are $65 and a pumpkin peel facial is $75. Brow waxing is $15, brow tinting is $30, and a full body wax depends on the client..

“I really take time and care to learn about clients. I give extra time for appointments and never overbook,” she said. “I like to educate clients and develop good relationships. I truly care about each client and want to see them achieve their skin care and brow goals, bringing them up and spreading positive vibes. There are so many different clients, and I want to cater to each of their needs.”

To make an appointment or learn more,, call 774-262-3507 or check out Skincare by Ashley on Instagram or Facebook.

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