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Nu Year Style

William Calaway

Having a wildly successful style column is great, I am the one who chose my path, but sometimes I feel like I’m labeled as a girly fashionista when in reality, I’m more of a nu metal cowboy. Don’t believe me? Just check out my nu metal playlist on Spotify and you’ll see I’m down with the sickness. Anyway, I’m not here to flex my nu-ledge, so grab a brush and put a little make-up because it’s time to talk fashion.

The first thing you’re going to need is a pair of baggy jeans. Time is a valuable thing, and uckily the 90s are back in style, so there are plenty of choices. The usual chains like Target and Walmart do have baggy jeans, although I don’t think they’re baggy enough. In a completely insane turn of events, JNCO jeans are now for the ultra rich with the average cost being $260. There are a few sale options, but even those are $169. My suggestion is to hit your local Savers or Goodwill to find affordable baggy jeans, you might even come across vintage JNCOs.

I’m not sure how committed you are to the nu metal look, but if you don’t want to look like a poser, it’s time to consider some piercings and tattoos. Facial piercings are a great way to show off your nu metal style. Viper bites, lebret and septum piercings will never go out of style, so go wild. As for body art, it’s like the great Fredrick Durst always says, “I’m hairy as hell, outta hell and tattooed up”. Find a tattoo artist you trust and discuss options such as heavy metal font, quotes and images to vibe with the nu metal style that you have now fully embraced. Pay your respect to Chester Bennington with arm flames or shout out your go to drink with the Monster Energy Logo.

Finally, it’s the little things that will enhance your nu style to the next level. It would be advantageous to invest in chains, as they are a staple of your nu identity. I’m talking wallet chains, ball chain necklaces and any kind of paper clip inspired jewelry. A flat brimmed baseball cap is a nice touch, but why not get one that has your favorite band on it. Slipknot’s official merch store has a Barcode Logo from their 2023 tour that is very cool and well worth the $40 (plus shipping). If you’ve already spent money on JNCO’s, and don’t you think maybe we could put it on credit anyway?

I get that style fluctuates, but there’s something inside me that pulls beneath the surface, and nu metal fashion represents my true self. It’s more than just black clothes and baggy jeans, there are so many small easter eggs you can include in your nu metal style. It’s always fun to embrace something nu and step out of your comfort zone. Happy Nu Year!

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