James Fullington

I typically don’t get involved with monthly trends, especially ones that kill my vibe, I’m looking at you November. However December might have been a little bit too fun, and I feel like it might be a good idea to give “Dry January” a whirl. The good news is there are plenty of really solid non alcoholic beers available to drink when you’re out with friends or trying to kick back at home. 

Let’s start with what seems to be everyone’s new go to, Athletic Brewing Co. This is an entirely non alcoholic brewery out of Connecticut, apparently the biggest in the entire world. Crazy right? Athletic offers pilsners, IPA’s and even a lemon infused radler style beer. Their Free Wave hazy IPA is packed with Amarillo, Citra and Mosaic hops and is only 70 calories. All Out is a roasty stout that can be enjoyed in front of a fire for a low key night at home. Athletic initially got my attention over the summer when I started noticing their cute can designs, and after trying their Athletic Lite, a Miller Lite style pilsner, I could see why everyone was into this brewery. Two 6 packs of Athletic will run you just under $28, and you can also build your own variety case for $37.96.

Next up we have Hop Wtr, a non-alcoholic sparkling hop water with “mood boosting ingredients”. Hop Wtr leans heavily into the science behind their product, and after a brief trip down a rabbit hole into their main ingredients I learned that nootropics enhance brain function and adaptogens help your body cope with stress. I’m always trying to be more conscious of my health, and I love a good fad so Hop Wtr it is. Like all of their products, the Ginger Limeade has zero calories, carbs or sugar and is spicy and refreshing. Hop Wtr offers a mixed 12 pack with their piney Classic, Blood Orange, Mango and Lime for a one time purchase of $36.99 of $31.44 for a subscription. Pricey yes, but by all accounts Hop Wtr is a great alternative with absolutely zero alcohol and carefully curated ingredients. 

Let’s talk about the first non-alcoholic craft brewery in North America, Bravus Brewing Co. Bravus offers a wide array of products, and even a few hop waters of their own. Their limited release Winter Warmer is an amber ale loaded with nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon. Peanut Butter Dark is another great choice for a cold winter night. This creamy stout is roasted with peanuts, chocolate and hazelnuts and is only 110 calories. Bravus’ 12 packs are $26.99, so a little more affordable than other options, and you know what? You deserve a reward for being so health conscious.

So there you have it, some Dry January options that will make going out to the bars and house parties a little more bearable. Craft non-alcoholic options are definitely more expensive than my usual 12 pack of Miller High Life, but I won’t even get into the amount of money I spend on Botox and at the dispensary. And honestly, money is a social construct and society is constantly on the brink of total collapse so treat yourself to some bougie carbonated drinks filled with weird vitamins and live it up while you can.