02.12 Curl Crisis? Frizz Frenzy? Teree Salon Offers the Special Ouidad Treatment

By Jennifer Russo

It seems that women always want what they don’t have. Women with a gorgeous mane of curly hair spend tons of their hard earned cash on smoothing serums, shine sprays, conditioners that promise bone straight locks and the latest and greatest ionic bionic supersonic flat iron. They spend hours each morning trying to blow their hair out, damaging it with ridiculous amounts of heat and tearing through it again and again with combs and brushes. Why?

Speaking as one of these women, I can answer that question. If you have hair like mine, sometimes it air dries to perfection if you are having a “good hair day,” but those days happen maybe three times a year and depend entirely on it being the exact…and I do mean exact…ratio of humidity to dryness in the air. All other days turn into an epic battle with the frizz monster. Even if you can tame it enough to walk out of the house without a hat or pony-tail, let just one raindrop fall on your head and POOF…can you say chi-chi-chia pet?

Teree Salon in Auburn offers a solution, a treatment featuring a line of hair care products specifically formulated for curly hair. The Ouidad treatment is more than just throwing a bunch of gel in your hair after a shower and calling it a day. According to Teree, “We’ve tried all of the curly hair products on the market. Ouidad is the first one that actually works on all types of hair. They have created a line for wavy, curly and kinky hair. These products manage frizz, keeping the curl all day long so you don’t get the triangle effect at the end of the day.”

Teree tells Pulse that their hairstylists go through “an intensive two day training in New York to achieve certification in the Ouidad treatment where 10-12 models are brought in for the stylists to work on. Each model’s hair must be approved prior to the stylist’s dismissal and the trainer must sign off on the stylist’s work. We take pride in our stylists and continuous education program. We consistently update and educate with all of the new trends and styles.”

The salon treatment focuses on applying quality products and the “rake and shake” technique, a more natural approach to styling that discourages harsh chemicals and heat as well as brushing the hair through. Product is worked into the hair in sections and raked through with the fingers, then you gently shake the roots of the hair to allow the natural curl to bounce back in. The hair is then allowed to dry on its own or can be dried with a diffuser, leaving it beautifully and naturally curled with definition. Take that, frizz monster!

The Ouidad treatment costs $65-$140 ~ depending on what you would like done ~ and is offered for both men and women alike.

To learn more about Ouidad hair care products and take their Curl Profiler quiz to find out which products are perfect for you, go to their official website at www.ouidad.com.

Teree Salon is located at 732 Southbridge St. in Auburn. To book a consultation with a stylist, contact them at (508) 721-2210 or visit www.tereesalon.com.

 Pictured:  Owner Theary Jyringi