APRIL 7 – 10, 2022


Drummer and vocalist Corky Gainsford’s extensive resume is impressive, whether it’s his Delete Designs clothing brand, his custom abstract artwork, or the long list of bands he has recorded and toured with. However possibly the most unique aspect of his career is his 20 year reign as a performing musician with the Blue Man Group. 

Gainsford went to Stanford University with plans of being a mathematician or an engineer, but after losing his dot com job when the industry crashed, he ran out of “real world options”. 

“It was on a total whim,” he recalls of his Blue Man Group audition, “I literally saw an ad in the newspaper.”

Even though the West Coast only knew about the Blue Man group from their Intel ad, Gainsford took a chance, and the rest is history.

Seattle, Washington native Gainsford always enjoyed drumming as a hobby. When he isn’t on tour with the Blue Man Group, he is the “go to drummer” in his hometown of Las Vegas. 

“Learning proper technique early on when I was a kid was crucial for being able to do it everyday like we do now.”

Gainsford looks at his time on tour with the Blue Man Group to be a gift, adding, “It’s a blessing to be on a tour like this and playing great music with great performers and a great staff and touring the country. It’s a lot of fun.”

You can catch Cory Gainsford drumming with the Blue Man Group at the Hanover Theatre April 7th through the 10th.