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Bloomsday – Worcester’s 23rd Annual Ramble


Set entirely on June 16, 1904, James Joyce’s influential work, Ulysses, is celebrated in commemoration of the author worldwide on the same date each year. The Worcester County Poetry Association will celebrate Bloomsday this year with the 23rd annual Worcester Ramble. On Saturday, June 16, from 8 a.m.-9 p.m., the public will be able to watch a changing cast of characters reading at six different locations, mimicking the sites visited by the characters of Joyce’s novel in their own ramble through “Dublin.”

Starting at Bancroft Tower this year, other locations for the day, in order, include: Institute Park, The Wonder Bar, Worcester Public Library, O’Connor’s Restaurant, with the day ending at The Old Stone Church. Each section ends approximately 30 minutes before the start of the reading at the next location. There are no admission fees, but those attending the sections at restaurants/bars should plan to cover the costs of their meals. While some outdoor sites don’t always have seating, feel free to bring your lawn chairs.

“You do not have to read; you do not need a copy of Ulysses; you do not have to had studied it in school. If you have any interest in Joyce or Irish literature or just books in general – and you want an introduction to Ulysses – this is for you,” said Jay Levelle, long-time Bloomsday participant and WCPA board member.

If you do want to read the book and follow along throughout the day, chances are, there will be somebody you can read along with. You can even download a digital version for no cost from!

“A very diverse group of people can come together for a day and publicly celebrate and enjoy a great novel…” said Levelle.

WCPA is an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff. For more information about Bloomsday or WCPA and their upcoming events, visit 

Black-and-white image of Leopold Bloom drawn by K-Fai Steele



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