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08.09 Emily Mislak~ Makeup Maven


By Victoria Hidalgo

Webster native Emily Mislak, 22, does not abide by society’s narrow definition of beauty because this beauty expert is a believer in embracing people’s uniqueness. Besides being a professional makeup artist, Mislak is also a photographer and even a model herself. As Mislak explains, “Is that enough? I don’t think so.”

With a natural love of makeup, Mislak’s passion became a clear career path. She recalls, “I was always late for high school because I was applying my makeup and I just had to have it perfect. I remember one time when I was getting ready for school and thought to myself, ‘If I could apply everyone’s makeup like this, they would love it. . .’”

Professionally trained by David Nicholas of Charlestown’s DNI, Inc., Mislak acknowledges that she is a perfectionist. Pleasing a client can be tricky, but Mislak can create a client’s vision of beauty by being patient and working with a client. As she explains, “The rule book isn’t always right, and the only right thing to do is to make your client feel beautiful.”

With a sweep of a makeup brush, Mislak’s aim: highlighting individuality. Inspired by late beauty and make-up expert Kevyn Aucoin, truly an icon in the industry, Mislak’s approach is remaining “…true to yourself…embrace your individuality.” She proudly defines beauty as “wholeness of mind, body, and soul.”

But this beauty insider is also dishing about makeup application itself. And so what is Mislak’s beauty secret? “Always moisturize before makeup application. ?Rub in small circles so it warms the skin and makes it supple for a clean and even application,” she says. What about the biggest beauty blunder? “Lines of demarcation. Blend, blend, blend!” Looking radiant throughout summer has never been easier either. Mislak’s solution for beating summer heat is simple: “Use primer or lotion before applying makeup, and stick to wearing cream blushes and eyeshadows.”

Open Mislak’s makeup bag and you will find MAC Lipstick, NARS Blush, MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation (also Microfinish Power), and cosmetics from DNI. But she has also found some great drugstore beauty buys. “A metal eyelash curler and good ole’ Maybelline Great Lash mascara,” she says.

The city of Worcester has been a great launching pad for Mislak’s business and this talent may even apply makeup to her dream celebrity client ~ Lady Gaga ~ one day. As she heads towards that goal, her advice for any aspiring makeup artist is a reflection of a healthy outlook on life: “Take chances because if you don’t, you won’t learn much.”
Emily is currently working as a professional makeup artist at Teree Salon in Auburn and as a representative for DNI cosmetics. She also offers her services of makeup artistry and photography on her website.

You can learn more about Emily’s makeup artistry and photography at You can even follow this beauty insider on her Twitter account—

Photo courtesy of Emily Mislak. Model: Maggie Hesselton


  1. Emily and I have worked together for years. She is a phenomenal makeup artist, A brilliant photographer , And one of the most beautiful people I have ever met inside and out. I have followed her work, She continues to amaze and inspire me.
    Working with her has become an addiction. The photographs we create are always different and always unique. The makeup makes me look and feel amplified. I would recommend that if in need of a MUA, Photographer, or a model To you look her up.

    a satisfied customer

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