That’s Entertainment hosts Free Comic Book Day in Worcester

That’s Entertainment will celebrate Free Comic Book Day on Satuday, May 5! Free Comic Book Day is a nationwide event to promote and foster the act of reading. Each participating store across the U.S. celebrates the event in their own way — all making a difference in their community.

“We’ve seen a surge of interest in comic book reading, I think mainly due to the number of successful movies based on super heroes. Comics have become the idea factory for Hollywood, and movie-goers of all ages are looking at the source material. We’re also finding that parents are happy to introduce their kids to comics. Parents often feel comics will help kids discover the joy of reading and can spark artistic creativity and imagination, as well,” said Paul Howley, owner of That’s Entertainment.

Each individual will be able to go home with 5 FREE comic books of their choosing. The large variety of comic books will have any fan raving. Professional comic artists will also be in attendance. They will be drawing and even giving away free mini-sketches of comic-related characters upon request from noon-5 p.m.

There will also be an expert face-painter who will be painting faces for FREE. People in attendance are encouraged to cosplay and participate in the costume contest. Winners could win a $15, $25, or $50 store credit prize.

The four artists that will be featured at the Free Comic Book Day include:

Casey Coller
Coller is a professional illustrator best known for his work on Transformers comic books from IDW Publishing. He has done covers and/or interior art for various titles, including: Transformers: Ironhide, All Hail Megatron, Robots in Disguise, More Than Meets The Eye, Transformers Ongoing, Spotlights Drift, Blurr and Cliffjumper. He is currently the cover artist for Optimus Prime. He has also done artwork for Hasbro, the Transformers Collector’s Club Magazine, The Transformers Vault and the Covenant of Primus.

Jeffrey Shultz
Jeff Shultz has been illustrating for Archie Comics for 22 years. Currently, he is also illustrating Super Suckers for Sitcomics. In the past, he has also worked on the Peanuts characters and the Tom and Jerry newspaper strip. Jeff is currently accepting commission requests.

Rich Maurizio
Richard Maurizio is a veteran artist who has produced work for Warner Bros, Turner Entertainment, Universal Studios, Sony Signatures and Archie Comics. His credits include developing educational and children’s books as well as co-producing a Tom & Jerry comic strip for five years. His licensing work includes Looney Tunes, The Animaniacs, Batman Animated, Underdog, Thunder Agents, Jetta, Munsters, Godzilla Sketch cards and The Wizard of OZ. He is the co-author of the book Munsters Memories.

Leif Alabbad
Alabbad has worked on various independent projects in storyboards, book illustrations and comics. He’s worked with independent self-published comic creators on a book, The All New Union! He is currently working on a personal project Karbala.

Free Comic Book Day will be held at That’s Entertainment, 244 Park Ave., Worcester, from 10 a.m.-8 p.m.

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