StyleSavvy: In May, Less is More

Ah, May. Spring is here and summer is on its way. That means summer fun, summer clothes and summer beauty. The phrase “less is more” has never been more-on trend than it is in this moment, and minimalistic makeup will not be going anywhere anytime soon. A very French “more skin care, less makeup” approach has been taken as of late in the beauty industry, and numerous brands have risen to the occasion in order to meet the needs of the “glowing skin is in” consumer market. In particular, indie brands (or independently funded cosmetics companies who generally formulate their products in-house) have become incredibly popular within the beauty community because they heavily focus on the minimalism on which many of them were founded. So read on to discover my top indie brands for the season!

This has to be my current favorite for their minimalistic approach to the beauty industry. A New York-based company built heavily on taking care of one’s skin, Glossier offers skin care, as well as only the most essential cosmetics (i.e., concealer, the lightest foundation known to man and lip balm, to name a few). My favorite product is the Stretch Concealer — I don’t think I will ever buy another concealer again!

Milk Makeup
This company build on it’s in-house creativity on both coasts (New York and L.A.) and its love of makeup that multi-tasks. This company rests its success on its stick-formulated makeup (my great favorite is the Lip and Cheek Stick, which I use religiously as blush). The company’s makeup-to-go minimalism is what has earned it the right to be called a cult favorite, as well as the right to sit happily in my cosmetics bag.

If you love the smell of coconut, this brand will 100 percent be your jam. Built by a Hawaiian native and certified organic chef, Kopari products start with organic coconut oil, which, if nothing else, smells amazing. I love Kopari for its lip gloss and coconut body oil, but it also offers a wide range of skin care, all with a beautiful coconut smell that makes you feel like you’re on tropical vacation. Hello, summer.

April Goddard

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