Pulse Mag’s “Canna Art” Gallery

To compliment the “Green Rush” issue this March, we have curated a digital gallery of cannabis culture inspired art from visual mediums to music. The submissions were based on a Massachusetts-based call for art. Enjoy!




Kacy Blaze



This Worcester-based photographer captures everything from people to pot plants. View her work on her website here! This collection of fuzzy buds shows the intricate but delicate structure of the marijuana flower. Check out some more leaf-centric photography in a previous “Mindful” Calendar Kacy created as well (February 2017 shown below).

Dan Longden Glass

Instagram: @danlongdenglass

Charlton, MA native Dan Longden is a local glassblower specializing in downstem bongs with colorful detailing. His work can be found at Lilis in Worcester, Stoked in Bridgeport CT, Northern Lights in enfield CT and The Stoop in east Greenwich RI – also on Instagram @DanLongdenGlass.



FOXES “Mary Jane”


released January 28, 2018

Vocals&Bass – Corinn Bacon
Lead Guitar -Brian Lambers
Rhythm Guitar – Charlie Schoonmaker
Drums- Pat Burns

Lyrics written by Kristie Martin

Tracked, Mixed & Mastered By: Donald Perry
On The Fringe Studios in West Newbury, MA.

Album Art by Slowey Snaps (Mary Slowey)


Brett Mason


Brett Mason is a Montserrat College of Art (Beverly, MA) Graduate with a repertoire of visual arts skills ranging from small collages to large murals. Brett submitted this piece depicting another beautifully whispy marijuana bud. The colors through the piece are definitely those which remind us most of the cannabis plant- green, purple, and orange!

“In the shrubs” Acrylic and collage on panel 12×9 2017

Here’s a sampling of more of his work found on his website.


Highpine Farms

Keith Coombd

Perhaps the greatest art of all in Cannabis Culture is the art of growing the plants themselves. With recent legalization in three New England states (VT, MA, ME) – growing your own plants for consumption has skyrocketed. Of course, it takes a bit of skill to get it right. Keith of Highpine Farms in Maine has gained the skills to grow cannabis well after recognizing the high costs in medical marijuana for his disabled sister.

“My mother and I quit our well paying jobs, went to California to learn to grow cannabis, and then we opened a grow to supply my sister the necessary medicine for her needs”

Putting some passion and love behind the science and calculations of growing a potent plant yields a beautiful work of art. Here are some of the shots Keith sent to us from Maine.


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