05.13 JUST IN: The best/worst haircuts of all time

Women, big perm hair may have made you a hit at the Disco in the ‘70s but it’s a big DON’T today. For men, keep the cereal bowl for breakfast, not as a hairstyle and stick to the Caesar on your salad- not on your head. The results are just in for the Great Clips Greatest Hairstyles of all Time survey and the winners are:

The Greatest Hairstyle of All Time for Women

Both sexes agreed and most often ranked these styles in the Top 3:

  1. Medium Layers (79%) ~ The No. 1 cut of all time came from our famous Friend, Rachel.
  2. Long, Straight Hair (69%)
  3. Bangs (45%)

The Greatest Hairstyle of All Time for Men

Both sexes agreed and most often ranked these styles in the Top 3:

  1. Bed Head (72%) ~ The best cut for men comes from teenage boy bands!
  2. Side Part (60%)
  3. Hockey Hair (53%)

The Worst Hairstyle of All Time for Women

  1. Perm (60%)
  2. Feathered (56%)
  3. Asymmetrical (54%)

The Worst Hairstyle of All Time for Men

  1. Bowl Cut (63%)
  2. Caesar (57%)
  3. Faux Hawk (45%)

The survey also shows:

  • Both men and women have had 3-5 hairstyles in their lifetime.
  • Most folks chose a hairstyle based on the shape of their face (66%) and maintenance (62%).  More than 1 out of 3 people (38%) base their hairstyle on what their significant other finds attractive. Men are more concerned with their significant other’s opinion (47%) over women (31%).
  • Men and women both overwhelmingly agree they would not break up with someone over a bad haircut (Men 89%, Women 94%).
  • Both sexes also agree they would have the guts to tell their significant other he/she would look better with a different haircut or style (Men 78%, Women 93%).

If you’re debating long or short – men should cut, women should grow and both sexes should play it straight.

  • Men find women more attractive with long hair (74%). Plus, when asked to describe the top qualities of a woman with long hair, most men ranked #1 SEXY (78%), #2 FUN (60%), #3 YOUNG (54%), and #4 WIFE MATERIAL (37%).
  • Women find men more attractive with short hair (75%). When asked to describe the top three qualities of a man with long hair, most women said: Unprofessional (54%), Adventurous/Outdoorsy (44%), Young  (41%) and Sexy (19)%.
  • Curly or Straight? Both sexes agree men (88%) and women (80%) are taken more seriously with straight hair.
  • If you want to aggravate your parents or better yet, the in-laws, both sexes agree the hairstyle for men that would most aggravate parents is the Faux Hawk (71%) and for women, the Asymmetrical (77%).

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