Jennifer Russo

On a recent beautiful morning, I was walking along Main Street in Fitchburg, looking at the new renovations and revitalization that are occurring. And one of the new places that caught my attention was Identity Coffee Co, located at 35 Main Street. Their logo (see the picture) of a simple yet beautiful white bird seemed so peaceful and inviting, so I decided to venture into the shop. 

The first thing that I noticed was that the place is indeed peaceful and very immaculate. Cleanliness is what matters most to me when I am at an establishment that serves food and beverages, and Identity gets an A++ for that. The company is in a building that is part of the industrial history of Fitchburg, and although it’s totally modern and new inside, there are still elements of history that are very creatively woven into the new business. 

As I walked over to the counter, I was pleasantly greeted by the barista, a young man whose name I ashamedly didn’t get (but if he’s reading this, please know that when I was there on April 10 at about 11 am, you were great).  I have to admit that I am not a coffee drinker as a rule- if I have a cup in the morning on Monday, I won’t sleep Tuesday night- as the caffeine in hot coffee really hits me. But I still pursued the menu and was having a tough time deciding. The barista told me to take my time, and I toyed with the idea of a couple of different choices. Finally, I narrowed it down and decided that the caramel macchiato sounded very appealing to me. And, since I could get it in an iced version, I was very pleased. 

It was very interesting to watch as he made the drink- it’s not like he just poured a cup of coffee from a pot that may have been on the burner for hours and added the caramel flavor to it. Oh no…it’s entirely fresh and quite a process to craft each and every drink that is served. And when I say craft, it truly is an art. 

When it was finished, I asked him if another gentleman that I saw behind the other counter was the owner, and was told that he was the manager, and that I had just missed the owners. He said that he’d tell Dan that I was interested in speaking to him. So, I sat down at a beautifully crafted table (that has the logo carved into it) and began to sip my coffee. Being a bit of a salted caramel freak, I decided to add some table salt to the mix and was it ever good. I told my friends that I enjoyed the LuLu salted caramel macchiato and they were amazed that their company named a drink after me!  I had to confess that I added not only the salt, but also my nickname to it myself. And in addition to the wonderful coffee drinks, there are other drinks. And there are also mouthwatering muffins, cookies, and other baked goods, as well as sandwiches. The chocolate chip giant cookie gets the LuLu seal of approval!

After Dan was finished with the orders that he was working on, he came over and we chatted about the business. It’s a family-owned specialty coffee company, with Jonathan and Britney Cashman at the helm. The Rindge, NH location is where it all began, and since then, Meredith, NH, and now Fitchburg, which opened in January of this year, have been added. Identity is also at three ski locations in the area- Waterville Valley and Loon in New Hampshire, and Wachusett Mountain here in nearby Princeton, MA. Another location, just up the road in Westminster, is home to the roastery. The roastery, where all of the magic of roasting the coffee beans happens, is not currently open to the public. But the café portion of the building is being renovated now and will be open to the public later this year. 

As things got busier, Dan returned to help out on the counter, creating and crafting coffee deliciousness and also cooking up some of the choices that are offered in the menu. I sat and finished my drink, as I watched folks come in. The clientele varied greatly- from older folks coming in as they were out on their daily walk (I know, because I chatted with them for a few minutes), to a young mother with her two beautiful children, to college students, and folks on their lunch break. 

Being on Main Street, the location is great for Fitchburg State University students (FSU is just up the hill), and it’s also across the street from the MBTA commuter station. And don’t think that because it’s on Main Street, there is no parking. There is plenty of room at the on-site private parking lot. All in all, I had a wonderful time at Identity Coffee Co, and though it was my first time there, it definitely won’t be my last. My only question- gee, where were you wonderful folks when I was a student at FSU (of course, they were just babies).  So, if you are looking for a great place for coffee and more, you know where to head. And if you’re in a bit of a rush, you can order online and have your coffee and more ready when you arrive. For more about Identity Coffee Co, check out their website at, or on Facebook and Instagram at Identity Coffee Co. Now, grab your coffee beverage of choice, drink up, and enjoy. 

35 Main Street, Fitchburg
Hours: Monday – Sunday 7:00AM to 5:00 PM