High atop a hill in Worcester sits a place that a lot of folks don’t realize is there. That place is the Worcester Regional Airport. While it doesn’t rival Logan Airport in size or the number of flights offered, for people living in the area, it provides the three C’s- close proximity, convenience, and much less congestion. Oh, and no Boston traffic.

   On a recent Sunday afternoon, I visited the airport for the first time. And after talking with several folks who were happy to be flying from Worcester, as well as walking around and checking the place out, I have to say that I was impressed. 

  Expansion plans are happening at the airport, and on Monday, JetBlue announced that flights to Orlando will resume in June, and also that flights will begin to Fort Myers in January. This is fantastic news for Red Sox fans, as Fort Myers is the spring training home of the team, who play their games there at JetBlue Park. These new flights are in addition to the daily flights to Fort Lauderdale that are currently available. More ways to Florida sounds like a terrific idea. JetBlue also offers two daily flights to JFK Airport in New York City. 

    In addition to JetBlue, American Airlines has daily service to JFK Airport in New York City. And Delta Airlines has daily service to LaGuardia Airport, also in New York City. 

   For the business commuter, Worcester Regional Airport is a win-win situation. Daily flights are available to NYC, parking is a breeze, and the lines to get through security are much, much shorter than in Boston. There are also the perks of free Wi-Fi in the airport, as well as food and sundries stores, and car rentals on site, providing easy pickup and drop-off. 

   Rectrix Aviation is also at the airport, as a fixed base operator (FBO), providing exceptional service to both the aircraft operators and the executives who use corporate or private jets. The Rectrix Aerodrome Center has 20,000 square feet of heated hangar space, a flight planning room, a pilot’s lounge, and more. 

   All around, Worcester Regional Airport is a gem, situated high on the hill. I have to say that I will be flying out one of these days, and even though there are no direct flights to my final destination, I’ll fly to New York City and make the connection there. 

Oh, and did I forget to mention that the view from up at the airport is amazing? Well worth a field trip to check it out. 

   For more specific information on the airport, visit the website at   And happy traveling.