Jenny Pacillo 

I think we can all agree that Worcester has changed a lot in the last decade, from basically everything about Kelley Square to new restaurants seemingly popping up weekly, but there has been one constant: the Bravehearts. I had the opportunity to speak with the Bravehearts Director of Fan Experience and Media, Donny Porcaro Jr, about their upcoming tenth season, and there is a lot to get excited about.


“This is our 10 year anniversary. I think that that is the number one thing that we’re focused on with the Bravehearts this year because, especially in the city of Worcester, we look at that as a pretty big accomplishment,” Porcaro begins, “We’re thriving right now, which is awesome. One thing that’s really cool about this franchise is it seems like every year there’s a different storyline. Over the last two years, there has really been this resurgence of the Worcester Bravehearts and kind of new school model that we’re really excited to bring to the city where it’s a lot more entertainment focus, you know, we still have great baseball and a lot of the stuff that we do is fan focused.”

The Bravehearts season will officially begin on Wednesday, May 24th. “We’re calling it opening morning, it’s going to have the same vibe in the same atmosphere. You’re going to see players doing crazy things, you’re going to see players go up in the crowd and sign autographs with the kids, maybe put on a funny costume. Fans are going to get that crazy, funky Braveheart style,” Porcaro says. Opening night on Friday, May 26th also promises to be a game fans won’t want to miss. “We’re going to have a lot of alumni there. It’s going to be a big celebration not only from the player side of things, we will have players from 2014, 2015, 2016, really every year, but a big thing that we’re going to honor is the people that have been with us for ten years, the sponsors, our partners and our groups who continue to come back year after year,” Porcaro says.

Of course all your favorite events from the Bravehearts 2022 season will be back, including Fans Choose the Rules. “The people who saw it last year were like, ‘we need to go back and see what’s going to be the rules this year and see what craziness they can do this year’”, Porcaro laughs. Fans can look forward to  Home Run Derby after every Sunday home game, “It gives fans an experience that they’re not going to see anywhere else.” This also includes a “Design Your Own Jersey” promotion in partnership with Boston Children’s Hospital. The Bravehearts will provide the kids with blank jerseys that will all be worn on their July 23rd homegame. The Saturday Night Live Concert Series, where bands will be performing under the tent during the home game. Of course there’s Friday Night Fireworks and All You Can Eat Tickets with access to a private concessions stand too.

The most unique promo of all is for anyone with a Bravehearts tattoo. “If you have a Bravehearts tattoo, you get season tickets for life,” Porcaro says, estimated there are about twenty hardcore fans who have them. “We definitely love all of our fans that have the tattoos and it’s pretty awesome to have them shown at the ballpark. If you pull up his sleeve, Jake the mascot, actually has a city of Worcester tattoo on his arm.”

Celebrate the Bravehearts 10th anniversary all summer long at Fitton Field, and maybe even consider getting a new tattoo.