Shaun Connolly

Sneaker culture is alive and well in Worcester. When Kangaroo Crossing closed despite their lines out the door for the new Kobes, EbLens carried the torch. Then Scoop Drip came in 

with their sneaker consignment shop and design workshops. There are conventions, meetups and now a Worcester resident with their own signature shoe.

DeMarr Langford

Worcesterite and Boston College guard DeMarr Langford, who is averaging 7 points a game on 44% shooting for the Eagles, has teamed up with the Massachusetts based footwear company Endstate to create his own signature shoe. The sneaker release, called Endstate U.: New Heights, teamed up with Langford to create a one-of-a-kind look that tells his story.

Director of Product Creation and Design at Endstate, David Filar is also a Worcester resident and is very excited about their newest project, “With the laws changing around NIL (Names, Image and Likeness) with college athletes we were energized to collaborate with these kids, for them to be able to tell their story on their own shoe.”

Langford, and the rest of the athletes were able to put their own spin on the design of these shoes to tell their community, followers and new fans who they are. For Langford, there is a quote on the ankle panel saying “Boo from the Woo,” which was his nickname growing up in the city before going to Brewster Academy. He also uses Commonwealth Maroon for BC and Reservoir Green, which is his mom’s favorite color. On the heel it says 508 to really tie in the home theme. That green is similar to the colors of the Burncoat High School Patriots, which is a pretty big coincidence, considering his mom is Sacha Langford, a 1,000 point scorer there and in college at Worcester State. 

The shoe is sleek, smart and future forward. Each sneaker has a chip and can call up the NFT on the shoe, you can build in different assets into the chip. One of Endstate’s athletes is the Philadelphia Eagle Devonta Smith. Earlier this season there was a promotion with owners of Smith’s shoe that if made a 40 yard catch, they would receive a cheesesteak. Endstate then airdropped a $15 ubereats card. They plan on doing similar things for each of the Endstate U. athletes as well. Where the NFT in the shoe will give the owners of the shoe a chance to have a meet and greet as well as other perks throughout their respective seasons.

“Each of these student-athletes have their own story and they can use their shoe, along with the NFT in it, to tell their ecosystem who they are and what they are about,” says Filar. And they do, Marne Sullivan who is a track star at BC has cochlear implants and on the back of her shoe it says, “I can’t hear you when you’re behind me.” A wonderful piece of trash talking if you ask me. 

An additional piece to these shoes is a portion of the proceeds will go to a charity of their choice. Langford’s is the Yes We Care Foundation. Yes We Care offers food distribution, an after-school homework help program, a teen leadership academy and many other services for the under-served, and BIPOC communities in Central Massachusetts.

For more information on Endstate U., you can visit to see DeMarr’s sneaker and all of the other BC Eagles creative designs. Pick up a pair, give back to your community, and get ahead of the game for the future of sneakers.