LuAnn Thibobeau

I have to admit that when I received the assignment to write about Dad’s Keto Kitchen, I was equal parts intrigued and leery. The most I knew about Keto was mostly that sugar and gluten were not a part of it. And that, in and of itself, was scary to me, because I love both. Plus any time I’ve had food that didn’t contain at least one of those ingredients, it tasted like cardboard. 

I put my hesitations aside and  reached out to Christian Leatham, owner of Dad’s Keto, and had the opportunity to talk to him on the phone. Leatham gave me the background on his business, which he started in May 2019. He told me that his motivation was his personal health, he was overweight and suffered from sleep apnea. Leatham did his research into the Keto lifestyle, and not only became someone who follows, but he also became a certified Keto and Carnivore coach. The Keto diet usually does not include meat, but a Keto-vore diet does. 

The concept behind Keto is really pretty simple: cut out carbs, forcing your body to use fats as its fuel. This had many beneficial effects, weight loss, lowering of high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and higher energy levels, just to name a few. And Christian is the perfect success story, he has indeed lost a lot of weight, no longer has sleep apnea, and he even has the energy to run half marathons!!  

Well, all of that sounded great to me, but being somewhat of a skeptical person, I still wasn’t convinced that the food wouldn’t taste like cardboard. That notion changed when I visited Dad’s Keto Kitchen and Bakery, located at 119 Shrewsbury Street in Worcester. Leatham opened this store in October of 2022, and the place is beautiful. It showcases some of the foods offered and the dessert presentation looked amazing, so I decided to give the red velvet cake a try. I waited until I got home, and I have to say- it’s great! No cardboard taste and I didn’t even realize that there was no sugar in it. So kudos to Christia!

The store is not the only part of the business. Leatham has a menu that changes every week. Folks can check out the new menu online, and place orders to be picked up or delivered every Thursday to enjoy the whole week long. Dad’s delivers to 49 area cities and towns, up from only 3 when he started the business in 2019. 

My final thoughts? Get healthy with Dad’s Keto Kitchen. They have a menu of items to choose from, which means no grocery shopping for ingredients and then spending hours cooking. Great tasting food without a sinkful of dishes sounds like a win/win situation. If you want to learn even more, check out the website at, where you can place your order, or stop into the store, which is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm. Christian is always there to discuss the world of Keto with you, and to answer any questions.