Irena Kaci

Marc Catanese has always been a fan of his hometown Worcester, Massachusetts. As an avid golfer and aspiring entrepreneur, when he heard of indoor golfing, he did not hesitate to check it out. “As soon as I went in, I knew this was the franchise I wanted.” X-Golf won him over and immediately he began scouting locations. When the corporation mentioned having an interest in expanding their central mass market, Worcester became the easy favorite. Nestled between Chipotle, Starbucks, and countless other businesses, X-Golf is primed to find its niche clientele and enrich the Trolley Yard plaza.

The interior feels luxurious and casual at the same time; a kind of sports bar meets doing business outside of the boardroom vibe. It is at once spacious and intimate, with nine separate simulators, including a private room for VIPs. “If any local sports teams, like the WooSox, want to come in and play a couple of hours of golf, they can have some privacy.”- Catanese says. His hometown pride is easy to spot throughout the business model. 

Marc Catanese grew up in the Washington Heights neighborhood in Worcester, and his loyalty runs deep. He understands that part of having a business thriving in a community means absolutely supporting the community right back, which is why he is committed to promoting local brands. “Over here if you ask for a Coke or a Diet Coke, you’re going to get Polar. It’s all Polar all the time. Polar Cola, Polar Diet Cola. We’re not going to bring a corporation in here when we have perfectly good products being made right here in our city.” It doesn’t stop there, of course, as the bar drafts are all familiar names, including Wachusett, Greater Good, Redemption Rock and of course Wormtown.

It was not easy being ready for opening day by March 1, 2022, but Catanese was determined. “Even though the supply chain made things difficult, I knew I could get it done.” He says, having already been delayed for a few months. “Hiring has been easy,” he continues, and it is refreshing to hear, “Bartenders just are more available for some reason; it has been easy to find people looking for work despite the pandemic. We even have a PGA Golf Pro double as our Assistant Manager. He’s available for private lessons in addition to his management duties.” Indeed anyone interested in playing golf or learning the sport could hardly expect a better setup. 

The fact that there are private lessons offered by request really makes golfing accessible to all. Catanese is hoping to offer children’s lessons during school breaks. Thanks to their daytime hours and versatility, this is a great place for children to pick up the skills and the passion to become tomorrow’s golfing pros. 

Even though the dream was born only a year ago, Catanese’s desire to own his own business is practically life-long. “This is my first business venture and it is just me, so I’m learning as I go. I like to be involved in as much as I can. Even though it’s a hike, I am here every morning, having meetings with vendors, personally managing every aspect. We have a capacity of 101 people so this really is a great space for big events. We are hoping to host anything from a bachelor party to a wind-down celebration of a corporate milestone.” 

X-Golf is located at 287 Grove Street and is open seven days a week. Book a t time on their website at