Spring is officially in full swing, and nothing says it like a change in accessories. One of my favorite things about spring is the shedding of things like hats, gloves, scarves, and mittens to transition into more carefree, lighter accessories. When I think of the change in seasons, I think of vibrant, whimsical, and lighter ways to dress up (or down!) an outfit. A colorful pair of earrings, a number of stacked handmade bracelets, or even some light, sun-shielding hats are easy ways to complete your outfit. Want to know more ways to keep a traditional spring wardrobe fresh and current? Read on to discover what’s new and fresh for this spring season!

The Colorful Earrings: Ear jewelry is a great way to make a statement, and these earrings are no exception. I absolutely adore the love and sincerity that the feel of a handmade set of earrings brings to any outfit. Handmade jewelry with a meaning can be so powerful and this set of rainbow earrings is a wonderful example. Buen Camino Jewelry’s travel inspired, bohemian jewelry offers handmade, heirloom quality necklaces, bracelets, and rings. The “Be a Rainbow” earring collection is a spring fashion must have. The sterling silver accessories are adorable, unique, and are more than just a pretty rainbow. In fact, 10% of all proceeds from them go to the Trevor Project supporting LGTBQ+ youth, giving the wearer more than just the collection’s happy design to smile about.

Handmade Bracelets: Remember the hand-woven string bracelets that we all fondly referred to as “friendship bracelets” in past decades? Well this style is back in a new and refreshed way, appearing in various renditions from multiple notable fashion houses, as well as fast-fashion brands, and small businesses too. Expect these colorful woven bracelets to be huge for this spring and summer. Don’t be afraid to mix, match, and stack. Want a fun activity to try with your friends or even your kids? Take on a little DIY project and make your own.

Hats are Always in: Especially during the spring months as we are all getting used to the sun’s strength again. Be sure to protect your skin with sunscreen and a fabulous floppy sun hat or baseball cap. You can really get creative with the styles, colors, and sizes of your hat, and hats can definitely complete a whole look easily when there is just something missing. Bad hair day? Grab a hat. With so many styles, colors, and brands to choose from, there is something for everyone at every price point.

So swap out your winter wear for a fun spring look, and treat yourself to some fresh accessories while you’re at it. Add new bracelets to your collection, fun earrings, or pull out your number one beach hat from last summer. It’s fun to incorporate fresh looks into old favorites, plus you deserve it after dealing with the cold for the past few months. Happy Spring!