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Happy April friends! Also, happy 4/20 to those who celebrate. With our holiday upon us, it felt like a good time to go through some great available options for those looking to celebrate correctly. Included in my list are things for the classic smokers, the modern munchies, and even some ideas for those who can’t hang with THC. 

It’s Better With Buds

I’ve said before in this column that smoking sessions are the things that I’ve missed the most since the pandemic. With everything going on, passing a bowl or joint just doesn’t seem like a smart option. Thankfully Bud’s Goods & Provisions released their Lil’ Jays. Each tin is packed with “The People’s Eighth” twisted up into 10 small pre-rolls. They are convenient and perfect for sharing with your buds this celebratory session. They frequently release new strains, so my plan is to stop in a few times before the big day to build up a sampler. The packaging is so well designed, fun to open and interact with. It basically makes you a portable party, just add fire and friends. 

Twist Darts from the Heart

For my Hip Hop Heads, Worcester’s Resinate is collaborating with Cappadonna from the Wu-Tang Clan to release a series of strains named after the rapper. The first strain, Cappachino, delivers a delicious fruity aroma and flavor that provides a creative, uplifting feeling which reflects Cappadonna’s own musical creative artistry. May I suggest grabbing an eighth, rolling a fat blunt and vibing out to “The Pillage” for the full experience? I dig seeing these celebrity strains, and am excited to see who comes next. 

4/20 Light

It saddens me, but I understand that not everybody can get down with THC. For those who want to celebrate with their fellow potheads but can’t get in on a full session, crack into a CBD seltzer like Harbor Hemp Seltzer. These little cans of calmness are perfect for shaking off a long workday in a delicious fashion, but without the altering effects of the devil’s lettuce. Fans of the column know that I’m always up for a good Seltzer Time, so it’s rad to see two of my favorite things combined. If seltzer isn’t your thing, Bluebird Botanical has you covered with all things CBD, including gummies, drops, and lotions. Their “Uplift + Downshift” CBD drop bundle will put some pep in your step and help you focus throughout the day with Uplift, while Downshift’s antioxidant formula promotes a restful sleep. Bluebird Botanical is a family owned company you can feel good about supporting too. They’re highly conscious of their impact on the environment, their products are vegan and cruelty free made from local hemp farmers who practice sustainable farming, and never use pesticides.

Ice Cream on a Mission from God

Let’s round out this month’s column with my suggestion for the tastiest edible option out there. Plant Jam, the makers of the Cloud Creamery line of ice creams, have partnered with Jim Belushi’s “Belushi’s Farm” to produce a Blues Brothers themed line. Both the Java Chip and Orange Whip are delicious treats that aren’t overloaded with herb. I liked that I could enjoy a full dessert serving but only consumed 5mg of THC. The only way I could be more into infused ice cream is if the local ice cream truck delivered an infused Screwball with a weed gumball directly to my doorstep.

Thanks for reading and happy trails!

-Travis (@hunchbacktravis)