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From seeds to flowers, infused gummies to beverages, glass pipes and artwork, and everything in between, The Harvest Cup celebrated the best of the best in cannabis. With guests from every walk of life, the event was colorful to say the least. Some guests came dressed to the nines, some sported their tie dye and marijuana leaf prints, and some even showed up in pajama pants. One guy had a huge gold chain on with a matching pendant that looked like a gold-dipped cannabis clump, and there was even someone completely dressed as a sasquatch. Anything went in this super relaxed and chill environment where everyone simply respected each other for having a common interest.

In the center of the exhibition floor was a glass case with all the entries for the
Harvest Cup, New England’s foremost trophy for cannabis growth and utilization
in different categories. Attendees could get a close look at all of the submissions
and the beautiful crystal trophies adorning a shelf just waiting to be handed out to
the winners. Veteran WAAF radio personality, Mike Tsu (who now hosts on Pike
FM), was the master of ceremonies – letting people know where to go for what and taking bets on how many misplaced phones he would need to announce for pickup. Surrounding the tent were hundreds of vendors, selling items and treats related to the hobby. Many booths had spin to wins or samples (non-THC infused) to try and swag, including my personal favorites, the honeycomb gummy from Revclinics, a lime flavored Wynk seltzer at the Resinate booth and an apple cider gummy offeredby The Botanist. There was even a guessing game where you had to determine what terpenes (natural chemical compounds in cannabis) were in unmarked bottles
based on scent. If you got it right, you received a gift.

Many booths had flower in cases that you could look at closely and smell, and the
vendors were extremely knowledgeable about their craft, easily answering questions
about use, growing, deltas and various effects of the strains. It was impressive
to see the equal balance of men and women-owned vendors at the event, and the
slogan for Caroline’s Cannabis – Buy Weed from Women – was fantastic.

In addition to the main Harvest Cup competition there was also a live and interactive
rosin competition happening at the event called Uncle Stoners Squash Off,
where participants could enter in a flower they grew, which was then judged by a
live panel on texture, taste, aroma, look under a high-powered microscope, etc.
The flower is then pressed to extract the rosin, which is also judged. The winner
was Christina Eva of Badd Girl Buddz.

Book signings with Benjamin Bartlett and Jeffrey Homan, writers of the Toking
with the Dead comic books happened throughout the day. Sam Miserendino, author
of If You Give a Bear a Bong and If You Give a Dog a Doobie, was also there
signing his books.

Guest appearances didn’t stop there. Renowned puppeteer Bill Diamond, who has
done a lot of work with Jim Henson, was there speaking to attendees and Wu-Tang’s
Cappadonna also came by to say hello and take pictures with fans.
There were many artists at the event as well including Dunkees (Daniel Militonian),
well known for his psychedelic looking artwork depicting loved cartoon characters,
like Mickey Mouse and SpongeBob, experiencing a good time. My favorite
was an interesting take on George Jetson, Homer Simpson, and Peter Griffin in a
spaceship. There were also exquisitely crafted pipes at the Green Goddess Supply
Company tent (one even looked like a giraffe) and some gorgeous artwork by Serendipitous
Highs. I Think I’ve Created a Monstah had the ugliest and yet cutest
monster sculptures.

Upstairs in the ballroom, there were lectures by expert speakers. Therapist Erin
Doolittle, did a wonderful presentation on the benefits of cannabis for those who
suffer from anxiety and PTSD, explaining how and why our brains protect us after
trauma, but discussing the effects and ailments we experience as a result of how our
body responds to this physically. She discussed how the use of cannabis can regulate
these responses and provide therapeutic relief and advocated for its use.

Marion McNabb, from the Cannabis Center of Excellence, discussed latest trends
in cannabis research and the importance of creating educational programs around
cannabis. One study revealed that a high percentage of people are using cannabis
so that they can reduce dependency on prescription drugs and opioids and that the
use of the plant can also assist in opioid addiction recovery.

Winners were announced over the two days of the event.
They were:
Sativa Flower – City Slickers Genetics – Pineapple Citrus
Indica Flower – House of Cultivar – Designer Runtz
Savory Edibles – Nicci’s Pickles – Sweet & Spicy Pickle Slices
Sweet Edibles – Northeast Alternatives – Nostalgia Bites PB&J Infused Bonbons
Syrups/Sauces/Condiments – Tricann Alternatives – Tomatillo Sauce
Beverages – TerpLife – Mulled Apple Cider
Concentrates – TriCann Alternatives – Blackberry Kush Rosin
Tinctures/Capsules – Queenie Care – FECO Capsules
Topicals/Transdermals – Who is Mary Palmer – High Intensity Pain Cream
CBD Flower/Extract – Northeast Alternatives – Whipped Cherry Tangie Purple
Sunset Batter
CBD Edibles – Northeast Alternatives – Posh Nibbles Infused Ganache Bonbons
CBD Topicals/Transdermals – Who is Mary Palmer – Rose Lotion
It was greatly impressive how supportive the crowd and other entrants were. Even
those that didn’t win were thrilled for the people who did, really speaking for the
strong community of growers and creators. The event was an excellent one and
gets better year after year. We can’t wait to see what’s new in 2022.

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