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NEW in the WOO: All Systems Go


Rachel Shuster

Located at 225 Shrewsbury St. in Worcester, All Systems Go (ASG) is the spot to go to live out your gaming dreams.

“ASG is a free roam space that offers Nintendo Switch group areas, PC gaming, fully immersive racing simulators and a high-end lighting and sound system,” says Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder, Amber Beck. 

ASG opened on May 27, and it’s been a great experience ever since. While Beck and her partner Devin LaPlume, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, don’t have any professional background when it comes to owning a restaurant, bar or entertainment business, they knew it’s what they wanted. “We travelled and we educated ourselves,” Beck adds.

Beck and LaPlume are originally from Providence, RI which is where they spent most of their weekends. “We were craving an experience to drink great cocktails while competing against each other in Call of Duty or Mario Kart,” she said. “We traveled to places like France and LA to experience gaming bars, but we felt as though the environment still wasn’t what we were craving. We wanted a modern, clean feel versus the nostalgic, gamey feel you get at most of these places. It was then that we decided that we would create what we were looking for.” 

The space is 6,200 sq. ft. with a 20 X 8 ft LED wall. “Our capabilities are vast in hosting any event,” Beck says.

As for pricing, Nintendo switch group areas are $15/hour, PC gaming is $7/hour or $5/hour if 5+ hours are purchased. Racing simulators are $10-15 mins and $20- 30 mins.

ASG also offers great food and drink options at great prices! “Our food and drink are [at] competitive pricing,” Beck says. “Our kitchen serves craft, brick-oven pizza, boneless wings and dough bites. Our brick oven pizza ranges between $9-$15. We also offer espresso drinks and cocktails. Our bar includes 16 tap handles with local beer. We purposefully sourced the best ingredients for our food and our espresso bar. Serving sub-par food and drinks is NOT an option here.”

Supporting local businesses is important to Beck and her team. ASG sources espresso beans locally for their specialty espresso bar. “My personal favorite part of the espresso bar is our espresso martini,” she says. “We pull fresh shots of espresso per order – they are just delicious.” 

ASG also plans to host special events for the community! “Our first event will be on July 3rd as a Fourth of July event,” Beck says. “Gaming tournaments are also on our radar.”

For Beck and her team, it’s important that the Worcester and surrounding communities feel the passion and love for gaming and good food and drink that they do. It’s a very special place for them, and they hope others feel it too. 

“There is no other space like us in Worcester,” Beck says. “We are an interactive entertainment space with great amenities, bringing something really special and fun to the community.” 

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