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Style Savvy: The Valentine’s Day Edition


April Goodard

Well hi February! I didn’t see you there. It seems that the seemingly most romantic month of the year caught me by surprise. And if you, like me, experience the lovely holiday of Valentine’s Day sneaking up on you year after year, I have good news. Here, I have written your comprehensive guide to last minute get-together with friends, group dates, and the out-of-the blue request for a Valentine’s Day date literally the night before.

The Last Minute Get-Together with Friends
What not to wear: You really don’t need to pull out the stilettos for this ones unless otherwise specified. Especially if the get together is a low-key restaurant or a casual game of bowling. If you know that what you are doing is low key, it’s best to put away the mini skirt that you can barely move in and aggressive makeup and opt for something a little more understated.

What to wear: You can be casual and still look and feel your best. The key is to look presentable with friends and casual acquaintances and put effort in while still giving off the “effortless” vibe. My go-to in casual situations in a group is a nice pair of dark-wash jeans and a nice sweater. Keep makeup clean and natural if you’d like to go that route, and feel free to opt for a little extra highlighter to enhance your skin’s natural glow.

The Double Date
What not to wear: This is where I would strongly suggest that you “phone a friend” and coordinate. I can’t tell you how many times I have called a girlfriend (or guyfriend) and asked “so just have dressed-up are we getting here?”. It never hurts to ask, and no one wants to show up to a double date way over or underdressed.

What to wear: A safe choice if you don’t have anyone to coordinate with is a pair of chic black denim, booties or a pump with a moderate heel height and moderately done makeup. When I am going a little above and beyond with my makeup, I like to play the balance game; that is, play up the eyes OR the lips, but never both.

The Last Minute First Date
If you are venturing out on your own with a new potential partner and they are making all of the arrangements for the date (maybe they made a reservation to a restaurant that you have not been to) I think that the direct approach is the best course of action to take. “Thank you so much for inviting me, I’m excited to try this restaurant as I haven’t been here before. What are the attire requirements in place?” This is a pretty fool-proof way to make sure that the outfit that you have chosen is appropriate for the venue.

What not to wear: Anything that you are not comfortable in. Things that are too tight and hard to sit comfortably in, things that are too long or short that you constantly have to hike up or down, false eyelashes that just won’t stay on, etc. You want to remember the nice time that you had out, and not the fact that you were worried about the logistics of your outfit the entire time.

What to wear: Anything that is appropriate for the venue that you feel comfortable and confident in. Again, check in with the person who invited you out. You may get a pretty good sense of what to wear based on what they plan on wearing. If you are going someplace a little more formal, I love pairing turtlenecks with a pretty skirt and a pair of heels or flats. If it’s a little chilly, opt for a pair of cool patterned or colored tights to complete your look.

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