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Style Savvy: Fresh Start, Fresh Face


April Goddard

Happy New Year, everyone! Do you all remember a few years ago when “the look” on the makeup scene became heavy, intense and multi-layered? While this look can still come in handy (for special events and when layered in moderation), 2020 is the year of the freshed-face look. Gone are the days of packing on the product (well okay, maybe every once in a while for old times’ sake) and here’s to the days of more effortless, natural, “my face, but enhanced” beauty. The first thing to recognize is that you are best off embracing the skin you’re in – i.e skincare is key! I love reaching for natural products and making sure to adjust my skincare accordingly as the seasons change. January is the time to reach for moisture-heavy products that will help to condition skin in the dry and bitter cold. I also like to be sure to incorporate face masks that are natural and rich in essential oils and nutrients that your skin needs to recharge in the cold. Practicing a good skincare regimen will enable you to better rock the “natural” beauty trend by aiding in makeup application. If you are like me, the thought of going out completely sans makeup may make you raise an eyebrow. But you don’t have to go all or nothing with cosmetic products. As much fun as it can be to do really intense makeup looks, remember that makeup can be used subtly in order to enhance your naturally beautiful features, and make you look a little more awake and rested if you are hard-pressed for sleep like most of us. On a day to day basis, I like to do my normal skin care routine, and then lightly use a primer. When applied correctly, this can act as a barrier between the skin and makeup, which can help prevent skin issues down the line. Just make sure that the primer is high quality, as protecting the skin is key. Speaking of skin protection, the next step is to use a small amount of tinted moisturizer with SPF. The best method is to apply with hands to face and neck, and go over the entire face with a beauty sponge to remove excess product. If you have discoloration under your eyes, you can lightly apply a concealer over that. Add some blush (my favorite is a highlighter/blush liquid combo because its light and looks natural), and brush through your brows and you are good to go. (This is optional, but if you have sparse brows, you could run some gel through them). If you’re not a big fan of applying mascara on daily, lash extensions could be a great option for you. They help give a polished and awake look to the eyes. Just make sure that you take breaks from them every so often to prevent loss of lashes. Try a fresh start to the new year by simplifying your beauty routine and enhancing your natural beauty. I promise, you’ll be surprised at how much you will come to love the skin you’re in!

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