Halloween is just around the corner, and that means you’re probably going to or hosting a Halloween party! If you want to get crafty with your decorations, your party is sure to be filled with plenty of spooks and ghouls. Here are 16 DIY ideas you can use this year. 

  1. Digital Decorations from AtmosFX

Get some beautifully animated digital decorations from AtmosFX and take your Halloween party to the next level. Use their projector or yours to make walls, windows, picture frames and 3DFX Forms come to life. With frightful wraiths, singing pumpkins, or possessed portraits your house will get spooky!

To see all the digital deocrations avaliable, visit: atmosfx.com/collections/shop

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  1. Cheesecloth Ghosts

With just a mannequin head, cheesecloth, glue and a little paint, you are sure to get some specters that are quite terrifying (yet very affordable).

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  1. Monster Door Makeover

Give guests a surprise by turning your ordinary door into a monster door just by reusing grocery bags!

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  1. Skull Centerpiece Floral Arrangement

Skeletons are a Halloween party must have. Incorporating them into the centerpiece will bring you decorations to the next level!

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  1. Milk Jug Ghosts

Don’t get rid of empty milk cartons this month. Instead, wash them out, draw faces and put a battery-powered candle in each.

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  1. Floating Candles (like the ones at Hogwarts)

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Light up the night, hallway, or great room with this awesome floating candle idea.

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  1. Broom Parking Sign

With a couple hooks from a hardware store and your home printer, you can make sure all the attending witches have a designated place to park their brooms.

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  1. Zombie Barbie Parade

Don’t throw away those dolls your kids have outgrown; these gals would look great marching across your yard, or across your dinner table! You can also build an affordable mini-horde by picking up inexpensive dolls at thrift and discount stores.

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  1. Glowing Eyes (made out of toilet paper rolls)

These eyes look great at night, and both your guests and your trick-or-treaters will get a scare from whatever is watching them in the hedge.

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  1. Skeleton Buffet

Serve your guests a frightfully bony buffet, with meat and cheese picked from the bowels of a skeleton.

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  1. Zombie Gingerbread Cookies

Break out those gingerbread cookie cutters early this year to add some adorably spooky and seriously tasty gingerbread zombies to your party spread.

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  1. Monster Marshmallows

These ghoulish little snacks are easy to make and sure to impress guests.

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  1. Ghost Hand Punch

Give yourself a hand for this awesome party idea, literally. Fill a clean, food-grade, rubber glove with the concentrate of your favorite drink and freeze it. Remove it from the glove once it’s frozen and place in your punch bowl for a spooky surprise.

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  1. Dracula’s Dentures

This easy and eye-catching snack will make your guests all smiles using just marshmallows, sliced almonds, and a little frosting!

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  1. Tombstone Toss

Asking yourself what to do after your guests arrive? Try this new take on a familiar game.

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  1. Horror Movie Trivia

Spice up your party these free horror movie trivia games!

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