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Total Solar Eclipse Prep!


Well this is a first: later this month, a total solar eclipse will be visible for 70 miles across the US, from Oregon to South Carolina. The moon will pass in front of the sun, casting a shadow on Earth for the first time in nearly 100 years. Here are a few chances to celebrate the celestial event with more earthly means.


Have your EnergyBits ready so you don’t miss a moment of this monumental event! ENERGYbits is an effective, nutritionally dense source of mental and physical energy that is all natural and causes no stomach distress. This plant-based fuel will supercharge your workouts, runs, athletic performance, and help you stay up to watch the Solar Eclipse! This high protein snack reduces hunger, cravings and the need for caffeine and is an eco-friendly, sustainable food crop. Feel the difference. Your brain and body will say thank you.

Carmen Sol:

Carmen Sol’s NEW bracelets are the perfect addition to any outfit for this Solar Eclipse. With their bright colors and stud accents, these water resistant jelly bracelets will set the scene! This is an epic celestial month! Are you a Leo or a Virgo? Wear your horoscope colors this solar eclipse! Leo: orange or yellow. Virgo: green or brown!


Get the BlissLights going later that evening so the show in the sky can continue! BlissLights is the perfect way to transform any outdoor space, use BlissLights to illuminate any summer setting and create a distinctive mood. As the Solar Eclipse gets closer, creating the ultimate backyard ambiance will be essential. Find out how BlissLights can help you get creative with your lighting this summer:

  • Become an instant light designer as you spice up any existing display with the bright hues of BlissLights
  • Covers over 2,500 square feet and provides thousands of sparkles with just one single light
  • Choose from a variety of products: The FireFly, Professional lights, Accessories or Open Box/Reconditioned lights

Initial Decor:

Wear your Initial Decor Moon Bean bracelet while you watch the moon do its thing! Initial Decor’s Moon Beads have an iridescent center, reflecting light as you dance to the beat of your own drum! The hook-back style allows you to easily put your bracelet on or off without assistance! Match the moon this eclipse! *Please select moon bean color from site!

If you would like to receive more information, please contact Casey at

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