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Sam Seder | The Majority Report


By Tine Roycroft

Sam Seder, host of the popular daily political show, The Majority Report with Sam Seder, is what Hollywood might classify as a quintuple threat ~ he’s an actor, a writer, a director, a comedian and an insightful political commentator. He has worked with some of comedy’s greats, such as Sarah Silverman, David Cross and H. Jon Benjamin. But beyond the talent, bright lights and late nights, Seder is a sweet Worcester boy at heart.

“It was great growing up in Worcester,” he recalled. “[It was] one of the best places to grow up. I rode my bike everywhere, played Wiffle Ball in backyards, played Little League.”

Even during his earlier days at Doherty Memorial High School, Seder was involved in politics and the performing arts. He was the co-director of the school’s variety show, and as a teen, worked with some of his classmates to submit a proposal to the Charter Commission when Worcester rewrote its charter. Seder earned his diploma and went on to attend Connecticut College in New London, Conn. Upon graduation, life got particularly interesting.

“After college, I traveled for a year. Then, went to law school for a year,” Seders said. “Then, I left law school to do comedy.”

Seder was not alone in this adventure, which reads a bit like a screenplay. One of his college classmates, a Worcester native named H. Jon Benjamin (Archer, Bob’s Burgers) decided to join him. Seder quit law school, Benjamin left Northwestern, where he was obtaining his master’s degree, and the two of them moved into a Somerville apartment and started hitting the comedy clubs. Seder concentrated on stand-up before he and Benjamin joined Cross Comedy, a Boston troupe started by comedian David Cross.

“There were a lot of great people coming through Boston at the time,” Seder remembered. “Janeane Garofalo came through town; Louis C.K. was around. That’s when I met Sarah Silverman, too.”

The entertainment world embraced Seder, and soon he was traveling to New York and L.A. to write, direct and perform. Still, his interest in politics was never far from his mind. Finally, opportunity struck in 2004, and his friend Janeane Garofalo was asked to do Air America Radio, a liberal talk network.

“[Garofalo] and I had always talked about doing a radio show together, so we went for it, and that’s how I got started in the business,” Seder said. “I really enjoyed it, and I segued out of entertainment and into politics.”

Today, Seder is deeply involved with his own show, Majority Report. He’s constantly interviewing guests, bringing political news to the forefronts of his listeners’ minds, and the action is nonstop.

“I focus on things that I find interesting, like economics and equality. I’m pretty much always stressed,” he laughed. “But then, I have some days when my producers take over the show, typically on a Monday. And I try to plan my vacations around my daughter’s school vacations.”

Majority Report has featured incredible guests throughout the years from the political and comedy arenas ~ Sarah Silverman, Fran Lebowitz, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Eliot Spitzer are just a few. Seder couldn’t think of his “dream guest,” but spoke very highly of Chris Hayes.

“I used to have [Hayes] on pretty often. But now he’s busy with his own show,” he said. “I always enjoy talking with him.”

Seder already has his plate full as we enter 2014. Not only is he constantly on the go for his profession, but his family life keeps him busy, as well. He said that although he might not have specific comedy projects scheduled for the new year, gigs and shows are always popping up. Despite an insanely busy schedule that has earned him many bragging rights, Seder said he seeks to improve himself and Majority Report.

“Personally, I’m still finding that balance between work and home,” he said. “With my job, I’m constantly checking the news and I have so much information coming at me. I end up spending more time on my phone than I probably should. As for the show, I’m just looking to grow it. Majority Report is pretty big in the politics arena, but I’m looking to grow its reach.”

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