By Jason Savio

While some of us may leave work feeling like we were just hit by a car or lit on fire, Jim Ford ~ a stuntman/actor and Worcester native ~ actually does get hit by cars and set on fire, and for him it’s all just another day at the office. Ford is quickly becoming Hollywood’s go-to-guy for death-defying leaps [of faith], snagging numerous movie roles (including doubling for actor Edward Norton) and TV work which has this not-so-average daredevil consistently working with top-name talents.

A graduate of both the International Stunt School in Seattle, Washington and The Hart School Acting Conservatory, Ford is a legitimate actor who also knows how to properly jump off buildings, get thrown through windows, and take gunshots. In other words, he’s a Shakespearean Schwarzenegger.

“A lot of people have this sort of image of stuntmen as just these crazy guys,” says Ford, “[But] they’re just such level-headed individuals and they’re so smart.”

Ford’s stunt career got started when he came in contact with Pete Bucossi, a big-time Hollywood stunt coordinator who set him up to double for Edward Norton in the film Pride and Glory.

“It was an incredible experience. I showed up on this huge set [and] it was like another world,” says Ford. “I went from eating ramen noodles in this apartment to hanging out with Colin Farrell and Ed Norton in their trailer and going over the Xs and Os of a fight scene.”

After his successful work on Pride and Glory, Ford’s career took off and hasn’t slowed down since, sending him to production sets across the country.

“The coolest thing is that you’re getting paid to play,” says Ford about his career. “That’s what I love about it. The adventure ~ getting to travel and do it is amazing.”

While Ford’s career is indeed cool, it is also extremely dangerous and not to be taken lightly. Fortunately, Ford hasn’t been seriously injured yet and has a very disciplined approach to his work.

“I’ve been very lucky,” Ford says. “You just try to stay focused and calm. For me you visualize it, you practice, you train.”

That kind of determination has gotten Ford’s foot in the door, and don’t be surprised if it leads to bigger things down the road.

“My favorite thing is if I’m acting and I do a stunt,” explains Ford. “I would love to get a big blockbuster action movie one day where I’m just doing everything.”

Photo (top) is from training Jim did earlier this year at the Las Vegas Speedway in LV.  Jim “…got to drive Lamborghinis and Ferraris on a rack track, pretty cool!”
Photo (right) of Jim in bloodied tank top is from the horror film Backmask, currently being shot in Rhode Island.