From Gym Rat to Professional Bodybuilder
By Craig Lindberg

So how does a full-time engineer choose to unwind and let off some steam from the stresses of the day?

Why he decides to transform his body in the most physically and mentally demanding way possible and enters the world of competitive bodybuilding.

Jordan Chabinsky had worked out for years, hitting the gym like any respectable gym rat would. That all changed in 2004, the year that, spurred on by, or ~ more accurately stated ~ challenged by ~ his training partner, Jordan trained for and entered his first bodybuilding show.

With little to no experience, Jordan placed first in the novice division at the prestigious INBF Northeast Classic held in Marlboro, MA. This competition, hosted by long time local bodybuilding phenom Nancy Andrews, is the biggest natural bodybuilding show in the area.

Hopelessly hooked, and with a new goal in mind, Jordan began training even harder and enlisted the services of Dr. Joe Klemszewski (whom we featured, along with Nancy Andrews, in our Feb. 2007 cover story), a well respected trainer and nutritional consultant to bodybuilders everywhere. Dr. Joe’s Perfect Peaking nutritional program ( has helped many bodybuilders take their physiques to the next level.

That next level was Jordan’s goal.

After a rigorous training schedule and grueling nutritional program, Jordan set his sites on the 2007 INBF/WNBF Naturalmania competition in NYC. This is the WNBF’s biggest show of the year, bringing to the stage only the most dedicated and hardcore competitors in the world of natural bodybuilding.

Against first class competition, on one of the biggest stages in natural bodybuilding, Jordan placed first in the lightweight division. More importantly, this meant Jordan had now achieved Pro status in natural bodybuilding, a feat many aspire to, but few ever achieve.

Being a “professional” now meant Jordan would have to reach even higher, and train even harder for his next competition.

“Competing as a Pro is completely different.” says Jordan, “These are the guys you see in the magazines…you recognize them. It can be a little intimidating.”

Undaunted and focused, Jordan began training with his sites set on his first Pro competition, the 2008 WNBF Mid-America Pro-Am.

“I knew the competition was going to be tough. I just tried to focus on my training and dieting. You can’t worry about what the other guys are going to look like.”

In the best condition of his life, Jordan took the stage along with a host of seasoned professionals, some of whom have been competing as pros for years. Staying focused and determined, Jordan placed 3rd in the lightweight division of his first ever Pro-Bodybuilding show.

“Some guys compete as pros their whole career and never place top 5. I feel honored to have competed against such great athletes and place as well as I did.”

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