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03.08 Now Serving – Wah-Bo


By Lauren Koblara

Whether you’re a hardcore athlete or just trying to stick to your New Year’s resolutions, finding delicious food that doesn’t break the rules can be tricky. Sure, you can eat salad everyday or go on one of those all juice diets… or you can bite into a juicy burger from Wah-Bo Grill in Shrewsbury. I think the winning choice is obvious.

The sign outside of Wah-Bo boasts “Frickin’ awesome grilled burgers and burritos” ~ and that’s exactly what you get. Their signature menu items include the spicy “Psycho Chik” chipotle chicken wrap and the “New Jack City” pepperjack burger wrap. Using only hormone-free chicken and free-range beef, Wah-Bo takes their menu to the next level but still manages to keep its selection huge and its prices refreshingly low ~ so low, in fact, that Wah-Bo might just make those other places and their greasy drive-through lunches a thing of the past. Most of Wah-Bo’s selections are $5.99 and include your choice of fries or tortilla chips plus a beverage. Be sure to check out their extensive list of yogurt smoothies and protein shakes for a little pick-me up.

Formerly the Know Fat! Lifestyle Grille, Wah-bo’s White City East location is a convenient lunch stop for shoppers, commuters, and the just plain hungry. The bright streamlined interior is low key with plenty of booths and tables, each with a view of one of the two plasma TVs. Wah-bo is half restaurant, half health and nutrition shop. The shop has a full selection of sports supplements and also stocks fight wear apparel from brands like Tap Out, Sinister, and Warrior Wear.

So ~ wondering where the name Wah-Bo comes from? No, it’s not a foreign language or a type of martial arts. Wah-Bo is an acronym for “We’re All Happier and Better Off.” Come to think of it, I did feel happier after scarfing down one of those Psycho Chik wraps!

The folks at Wah-Bo are currently working on constructing a very cool website that includes the complete menu, nutritional information, and affiliated events as well as useful links. To check out the menu and learn a bit about Wah-Bo’s “fricken’ awesome” philosophy, log onto

98-B Boston Turnpike Road
White City East, Rte. 9
Shrewsbury, MA (508) 363-0002

Photos by Lauren Koblara


  1. Wah-Bo is amazing. I have been eating there to make weight for competitions. They have great food and also have a huge selection of gear, supplements, along with a staff that knows thei stuff about all they sell. I highly suggest you check it out.

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