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02.08 Get An On-line Dose of Gay Romance Columnist Anthony Paull


By Mike Monopoli

Aspiring syndicated columnist Anthony Paull is bringing his dating column The Dating Diet to readers across the nation. “The Dating Diet is a monthly column that chronicles the dating lives of the GLBT community,” says Paull, “My friends and family are the true stars of the column. I follow them around with pen and paper and secretly document our conversations in darkened corners when no one is looking. Of course, I change their names. This allows the ‘innocent’ ones to reveal their guilt without any reservation.”

Paull spent most of his youth on Long Island, but tell us, “Many of my Italian ancestors still reside in New England ~ many in the local Worcester area! In 1999 I graduated from Florida Southern College, a private school in Lakeland, Florida. I have a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology.” The author currently resides in Sarasota with his boyfriend, dog and two cats, but still gets back to Worcester for “…good Italian food. I stay here mainly for the weather, but the nightlife is beginning to boom as well.” Paull enjoys going to dance clubs, where he socializes with his friends. “My little posse is all about keeping the city cute and carefree.” The writer is also addicted to running, and has a “rather intimate relationship with a nearby treadmill.”

Two-time Wave Award winner for best Sarasota writer, Paull got his start by submitting his work to a local publication. “The editor asked me if I’d like to create a new column for the paper,” he says, “then a friend suggested I try to syndicate the column, and I’ve been fighting that uphill battle ever since.” His column, in print throughout California, Michigan and Florida, has now gained a huge following online. “Each article tells a true story about the struggle and triumphs associated with modern love. It’s a little bit sexy, a little bit dirty, a little bit sweet, and a lot bit me.”

“Writing takes up most of my life,” Paull reveals. “I’m working on the last chapter of my first novel and I haven’t had much time to devote to anything else. My novel follows the life of a gay high-school junior who tries out for a student film, only to find out the most important moments in life happen behind the scenes.” The nearly complete work is not just another coming out story. “I tried to make it as non-traditional as possible. The main character is quite innocent, yet very open about his fondness of the [male genitals].” Paull’s first published work, a short story called The Man I Love, The Man I Left, appeared in Best Date Ever (available at, a compilation of true stories that celebrate gay relationships.

For Paull, “Independent men make the most gorgeous men in the world. I hate, hate, hate clingy guys. When I’m in a relationship, I like to know that I can hang out alone and it will be ok. In a relationship, trust is paramount. In other words, it’s nice to know my boyfriend isn’t plowing some other man’s corn field when I’m away for business.” Regarding appearance, Paull tells us that “Men in ties make me melt. I’m lucky to be in a relationship with a sexy guy who wears a shirt and tie to this place of work every day. However, I must admit there’s something sexy about a man digging a ditch too. Early in life, I was taught that real men wear dirt.”

One of the common issues regarding dating and relationships is, of course, loyalty. “Being monogamous tends to be rather problematic, mainly because we’re all addicted to that ‘lightning bolt to the heart’ sensation associated with new love,” says Paull. “The minute the buzz fades, we’re over it and out the door. That’s why my best advice is ‘always leave your man wanting more’, in other words, don’t be a slut on the first date; that’s what the second date is for.”


  1. OMG! I LOOOOOOOVE Anthony Paull. Who told you about him??? This is so awesome. When are you going to put his work in pulse?????? Too cool. Snaps to you!

  2. Go Anthony!!!!!!!! I saw you on TV the other day. It’s about time someone is paying attention to us. My friend Jen said she met you in the North End when you were staying with your cousin. You’re column is hilarious, man. I want you to hang with me at The Eagle next time you’re here.

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