It’s Time for Hot Fun in the Sun!
By Christine R. Walsh, Robyn Lee, and Sasha Fastovskiy
When it came time to plan this year’s Swimsuit Issue, everyone’s favorite, we decided HEY, why not get our readers involved? They’re fun, they’re hot, why don’t we build the cover story and photos around them? And that’s just what we did ~ we ran a swimsuit photo contents and out of a flood of applicants ~ both male and female ~ chose 10 to be our models and experience a professional photo shoot. They had looks, personality, and a great Pulse attitude. You’ll get to meet them in the following pages, plus you’ll get to see what Tianna Ta, our swimsuit cover and poster model ‘06, has been up to lately ~ her career is on fire and we gave her her start! Also check out a great humor piece on the evils of bathing suit shopping, learn some cool swimsuit trivia, find out what’s new in swimwear trends and funky beach gadgets, and generally just get in the mood for fun in the sun!
Special thanks goes to Mark and Michael Conlon for letting us use their beautiful property (and turn their boxers Buddy and Clyde into canine models)~ complete with hot tub, coy pond, and outdoor shower ~ for the background of the shoot, Patrick O’Connor for (once again) the gorgeous photos, the team from Jeffrey Robert Hair Salon for (as always) doing an amazing job on our models’ hair and make-up, and Paul Gleason of Rt. 9 Muscle and Fitness for his invaluable help with our photo contest. And a special shout-out goes to Big Joe’s on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester for keeping us all well-fed at the shoot!

We had a terrific time putting this cover story together, and we hope you have just as much fun reading it…so, without further ado, it’s time to get into summer and meet our Photo Contest winners ~ enjoy!!Mellie

Any nicknames? Not that I’m aware of!

Have you ever modeled professionally? I am currently a Hawaiian Tropic Girl

Do you have any favorite clubs in the area? Depending on my mood… well, if I want to just hang and have a good time Jose’ Murphy’s is where you’ll find me. If I’m in the mood to dance or be a little crazy (mostly just watch other people be crazy), McFadden’s or Irish Times are always packed with people I know.

Favorite summer cocktail? I literally turn into a Piña Colada in the summer time I drink them so much… I just love them.

What’s your day job? I am a full time student/ and a receptionist at Emuge Corp, a German company that distributes high performance tools.

Favorite beach?La Jolla in California ~ it has everything to offer ~ beautiful scenery, amazing shopping, elegant dinning. It’s just breathtaking.

The hotter the better or do you prefer the cooler weather? Oh my god, the hotter the better!

Ever been to a nude beach? Yes, in Nantucket; but I didn’t go nude!

First thing you notice about a guy? The way he carries himself…his confidence.

Favorite outdoor activity? Outdoor Yoga… very relaxing

Hot dog or hamburger? Neither ~ for me it’s salad. With all the skin showing in the summer, you have to keep it healthy.

How many bathing suits do you own? I lost count…

Ocean or pool? Definitely ocean …

Are you single or spoken for? Extremely spoken for!

Roller coasters ~ fun or traumatic? Rollercoaster are soooo fun, I love to get my adrenaline going!

Any summer vacation plans this year? The Cape and Newport with the boyfriend mostly, but I’m sure he’s going to surprise me with a really good one by summer’s end.



This season, consider some more subdued shades when you’re looking for a suit that can take you from the beach to that late evening outdoor cocktail party, too ~ olive looks great on a body with a nice, healthy tan and chocolate is just as slimming as black but is better suited to more skin tones!


Retro and vintage are in ~ polka dots, cute ruffles, appliqués, and Art Deco-inspired prints can give you that pin-up girl appeal.


Lots of designers throw a little extra sparkle in ~ rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, silver or gold lame details ~ for a bit of additional movie star glamour and fun!


Vibrant floral prints, animal prints, and tribal designs make a bold statement.


It used to be that “one piece” usually meant a boring tank bathing suit without much pizzazz…but these days, just because it’s one piece of material doesn’t mean it’s one BIG piece of material ~ some of this season’s one pieces bring skimpy to a whole new level with their major cutouts, plunging necklines, and sexy barely-there straps.


Any nicknames? Well, since my mother’s name is also Martha, my family and close friends have come up with their own nicknames for me ~ the most popular is Marthy, which most of my family calls me, then there’s Martita, and Martha Ceci (my middle name is Cecilia)….and because of Myspace, most of Worcester knows me as “Ecuadorable!”

Have you ever modeled professionally? No, but when I was 16 my mother had me take classes at John Robert Powers, so I got a few promotional side jobs. I always figured I was too short to model, so I never really pursued it, and school and work took up most of my time anyway.

Do you have any favorite clubs in the area? Hahaha, my bosses would probably kill me if I named any other bar besides BAR NONE as my favorite, considering I bartend and do promotional work for them. But even on my nights off I always manage to end up there ~ it’s a great crowd, they have great music, and I always have a good time, so I can honestly say it’s become my favorite spot to hang out and let loose.

Favorite summer cocktail? I love any fruity martini…the caramel appletini is definitely a favorite.

What’s your day job? During the day I work as a Research Coordinator for the State Health Policy Analysis Unit at the Center for Health Policy and Research. Quite a mouth full, I know. Basically, I do Health Policy Research for UMASS.

Favorite beach? Rocky Neck in CT has been a longtime favorite of mine. My family’s been going there since I was 4. It’s a beautiful beach, very clean and quiet ~ great for relaxing and escaping the hustle and bustle of my work week.

The hotter the better or do you prefer the cooler weather? I HATE the cold, but I also hate when it’s extremely hot and muggy. I don’t mind the heat as long as it’s not humid.

Ever been to a nude beach? I’ve never been. I have been to a topless beach though, but I kept my top on. I’m not sure if I would be brave enough to bare all, I’d need a lot of caramel appletinis for that to happen!

First thing you notice about a guy? I like tall men with nice arms and shoulders ~ the taller the better, which my friends always tease me about because I’m only about 5’1”.

Favorite outdoor activity? When the weather’s nice I like to go for a jog, but if it’s too hot, then I’m usually in the pool.

Hot dog or hamburger? Aw man, I have to pick just one? I guess hot dogs, I know they’re bad for you and I know what they’re made of, but I still love them!

How many bathing suits do you own? Hmmm, good question. Probably about 6 I think.

Ocean or pool? I love the sound and the look of the ocean, but to swim, I prefer a pool. I have a huge fear of underwater sea life, so any sign of a fish or jelly fish and I’m out of the water in a flash.

Are you single or spoken for? Hmmm, that’s another very good question. I would have to say I’m currently in an “it’s complicated” status. I’ve been single for about 2 1/2 years, but my ex and I are trying to work things out, so I’ll let you know how that goes…

Roller coasters ~ fun or traumatic? Oh, fun for sure! It’s funny, I’m afraid of heights, but LOVE roller coasters.

Any summer vacation plans this year? I’m hoping to visit some friends of mine in L.A., which I’m super excited about because I’ve never been. If I don’t go there, then I’m hoping to visit my family in Ecuador.


Any nicknames? Despo, Denk

Have you ever modeled professionally? Yes

Favorite summer cocktail? Sex on the Beach

What’s your day job? Listening to lectures and doing lab reports

Favorite beach? Beachcomber Island, Fiji

Hot weather or cold? Hotter the better.

Ever been to a nude beach? Yes

First thing you notice about a guy? His face

Favorite outdoor activity? Gardening

Hot dog or hamburger? Hotdog

How many bathing suits do you own? 5

Ocean or pool? Ocean

Are you single or spoken for? Spoken for

Rollercoasters ~ fun or traumatic? Fun

Any summer vacation plans this year? Not yet…

Brian S.

Any nicknames? Hollywood, Baywatch, Bri-chang

Are you a romantic or a bad boy? A little of both!

Favorite club? Funky Murphy’s and Waterfront Mary’s

Favorite summer cocktail? Gin and Tonic

What is your day job? Concrete working ~ and being a full-time student at Worcester State

Favorite beach? Masquamicut

How many tattoos? Four of ‘em.

Reality TV or the game? Reality TV

Would you ever go to a nude beach? Probably not, it’s not really my style.

First thing you notice about a girl? Definitely her eyes.

What’s your dream job? I’d love to be a doctor but I’d settle for being a trainer.

Hot dog or hamburger? Neither, I prefer chicken and steak, but if I absolutely had to choose? Hotdog.

Victoria’s Secret or SI swimsuit issue? Victoria’s Secret Angels all the way!

Ocean or pool? Ocean

So ~ single or spoken for? Happily spoken for!

How many times per week do you work out? I try to get into the gym 5 times a week and I run 3 times a week.

Any summer vacation plans? Virginia beach this month!

Cool Beach Gadgets

By Robyn Lee

Fun furniture              

The Dig&Sit® is a flexible beach sofa ~ or rather, it’s a big ol’ padded piece of damp proof, pvc coated nylon with quilted foam zones that you form into a sofa. If you’re a fan of the beach but not of sand all up your naughty bits, then all you have to do is find some soft sand, dig a little trench, and plunk down the Dig&Sit®. You’ll have a comfie, sand-free front row seat to all the people watching and sunning that any beach has to offer. For more info, head to Dig?

How easy is this? Just push two sticks attached to a backrest into the sand and viola! So beautiful in its simplicity. Consider the amount of swearing and pinched fingers you could save by not having to deal with a folding chair. It’s easier to bring along to the beach, too ~ plus you can stack a whole bunch in the back seat. The “chairs,” made of sturdy plastic in festive beach colors, are available from Design Within Reach at for $30 each.

For the Power Hungry

For those of you who can’t possibly enjoy a day at the beach with the possibility of your cell phone, laptop, iPod, or portable DVD player going dead, well, have we got a product for you. It’s a portable, lightweight, waterproof, durable solar panel that you roll up into an easy-to-carry tube. The SolarRolls panels come in 4.5, 9, and 14 watt sizes and you can either plug your device into the adaptor or use one of the universals that comes with the panel. According to the website,, you can actually purchase a series of the panels and link them together for added power (theoretically, enough to start a dead car battery). Or you can start with just one at around $199.

Man’s best friend’s best friend

Some beaches allow dogs, and some people love their dogs enough to want them to experience the wonder that is the beach in summertime. But alas, some pooches aren’t all that great in the water. In fact, they sink like stones. It’s for these pups that the Float-a-Pet was invented; it’s a device that provides a lifeline to pooches who go out too far in the water or for some reason find themselves surrounded by nothing but water (and of course we at Pulse are animal lovers, so we urge you NOT to bring your pet near water until you know that he or she is comfortable and will be within a SAFE distance of you the entire time). The F-a-P collar slips over your dog’s head, and it comes with a couple of functions to combat any potential hazardous situation in the water. First, flexible solar cells surround the collar to soak up the sun’s energy during the day, storing excess power in tiny rechargeable batteries. A light sensor will recognize whether the environment is bright or not, triggering illuminating LEDs to help you locate your pet when dusk falls. Second, the active system keeps your pooch afloat in the water. An integrated CO2 cartridge breaks away when the humidity threshold has been breached. A quick burst of CO2 into the collar will inflate it instantly, turning the collar into an impromptu float.

And the most absurd beach contraption?

This splurge is the ultimate in ridiculous relaxation. It’s a huge hammock slung between two realistic palm trees (complete with palm fronds and coconuts, of course) ~ and it comes with its own cooling mechanism. The Tropical Island from Bim Bam Banana is like being there…only not. Place one of these pieces of faux tropical real estate on your patio, on your lawn, or (for those of you trapped in a concrete jungle) on your rooftop and just watch the neighbors turn green with envy at your 10×10 piece of paradise. So what else do you get for the bargain price of $8,240.00? Well, the hammock does come equipped with a drink caddy and a pillow, plus the twin palms have an internal dual-control mist mechanism to simulate a misty ocean breeze. promises that only a Wizard of Oz strength twister can knock this puppy over.


Any nicknames? I’ve always been called Jillybean.

Have you ever modeled professionally?
Does porn count? Just KIDDING!! When I lived in New York City, I had a modeling agent and got a few jobs, but the competition was too cutthroat in that city.

Do you have any favorite clubs in the area? I love The Cellar! Block 5 is always a good time, too.

Favorite summer cocktail? Midori Sour

What’s your day job? Promoter for New England Sash

Favorite beach? Myrtle Beach ~ I wish it were closer!

The hotter the better or do you prefer the cooler weather? Hotter, so I can wear all my favorite outfits.

Ever been to a nude beach? Nope.

Would you go? I would, but hopefully it wouldn’t be like the one in the movie Eurotrip

First thing you notice about a guy? I really notice their attitude and the way they approach me. I absolutely love it when a guy can make me laugh!

Favorite outdoor activity? Horseback riding is such a blast! I’ve been doing that since I was little.

Hot dog or burger? I don’t eat too much meat, but every once in a while I can go for a nice juicy cheeseburger.

How many bathing suits do you own? At least two dozen. I have such an obsession with cute bikinis…

Ocean or pool? I can’t spend enough time at the ocean. I think it would be awesome to live there!

Are you single or spoken for? Single

Rollercoasters ~ fun or traumatic? The scarier the better.

Any summer vacation plans this year? My roommate Genevieve and I are going to the Mayan Riviera for a week.


Any nicknames? Grande Rojo, Raging Red

Are you a romantic or a bad boy? Bad boy for life!

Favorite club? Wobbly Bar and On Tap

Favorite summer cocktail? Bud

What is your day job? I work at Rt. 9 Muscle and Fitness.

Favorite beach? Any that has soft sand

Any tattoos? No, I don’t really like them.

Reality TV or the game? Red Sox all the way!

Would you ever go to a nude beach? No

First thing you notice about a girl? Her legs

What’s your dream job? Car and Driver Magazine test driver

Hot dog or hamburger? Hamburger

Victoria’s Secret or SI swim suit issue? I’d cry without either of them!

Ocean or pool? Ocean

So ~ single or spoken for? Single

How many times per week do you work out? Five

Any summer vacation plans? Fogo Island and white water rafting


Any nicknames? In college they called me Shana of the Jungle.

Have you ever modeled professionally? Yes.

Do you have any favorite clubs in the area? Club Red is a favorite. I also love Funky Murphy’s and the new Bar None.

Favorite summer cocktail? Strawberry Daiquiri

What’s your day job? I’m an investment analyst for a major mutual fund company.

Favorite beach? Any beach in Newport, RI!

Hot weather or cold? The hotter the better, I hate the cold!

Ever been to a nude beach? No. Would you go? Probably not, most nude beaches don’t attract the “young & hot” crowd.

First thing you notice about a guy? I’m a pecs and abs girl. So I notice the body and then a great smile!

Favorite outdoor activity? Downhill ski racing & horse back riding.

Hot dog or hamburger? Can I choose cheeseburger? [Of course you can!]

How many bathing suits do you own? Too many.

Ocean or pool? Ocean!

Are you single or spoken for? Single

Rollercoasters ~ fun or traumatic? Fun!

Any summer vacation plans this year? No, unfortunately I work way too much, and it doesn’t leave much time for vacations. But I might try for a weekend trip to Newport with my girls.

Bikini Bits
By Sasha Fastovskiy

~Babette March rocked the cover of the first Sports Illustrated “Swimsuit Editon” in 1964, ten years after the first issue of SI was published.

~That yogurt jingle came from somewhere: In 1960, Brian Hyland sang “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie/Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” about a girl whose bikini didn’t quite fit when she bought it. The song reached number one in the Billboard Top 100 in the US and filled the dressing rooms of America with tweenies in bikinis.

~Famous bikinis throughout pop culture history include Princess Leah’s gold bikini, Raquel Welch’s fur bikini in One Million Years B.C., Phoebe Cates’ in the 1982 flick Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and Pamela Anderson’s red Baywatch onepiece.

~Elle “The Body” MacPhereson has graced the most Sports Illustrated covers with 5 to her credit, while Christie Brinkley is in second place with 3 consecutive covers.

~When Annette Funicello, everyone’s favorite original Mouseketeer and queen of the beach movies, first began starring in the 60s flicks, Walt Disney himself asked her not to wear a bikini, but instead to don a one-piece in order to maintain her wholesome Disney image. Ah, the beginning of censorship.

~What kind of reaction did the bikini meet with when it was first introduced to the world in 1946? It was described as a “two-piece bathing suit that reveals everything about a girl except her mother’s maiden name.”

~What do they call a thong in Brazil? Those sexy Brazilians refer to it as the “tanga,” and there are lots of variations of the skimpy bottoms: G-strings, 1/3rd back-thongs, V-strings, T-backs, and Rios are just a few.

~Forget camel-toes and camel-humps, there’s a new animal suffering for this crime of fashion. The Bag of Mice occurs when a man’s pants or bathing suit are so tight that the fabric surrounds their package, creating the look of a bag of mice. Cheese, please.

~The bikini became the official beach volleyball uniform for women when the Olympic Committee officially recognized the sport in 1993.

~Best selling issue of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue? It was 1989’s 25th Anniversary Issue with Kathy Ireland on the cover.

And the latest swimsuit technology?

Triumph, a German lingerie manufacturer, debuted its solar-powered swimsuit on Spanish swimming champion Gemma Mengual in April at the America’s Cup in Valencia and plans to have the suit commercially available soon. A collaboration with photovoltaic cell manufacturer Conergy, the supped-up onepiece suit can recharge an iPod or a cell phone while the wearer is sunbathing ~ and best of all, it’s environmentally responsible.

Now there’s a swimsuit that lets you tan right through its fabric. Microsol and MicrosolV are the magical lightweight fabrics that allow the sun through as would about an SPF #6 sunscreen ~ but without the messy oils and lotions. Learn more about the special suits at


Any nicknames? My friends call me Paris because they think I resemble her, but I like my real name better!

Have you ever modeled professionally? Nope, but I hope this is the beginning of a modeling career.

Do you have any favorite clubs in the area? You could pretty much say Irish Times is my second home!

Favorite summer cocktail? I’m a margarita girl.

What’s your day job? I play with hair ~ I’m a hair stylist

Favorite beach? Any, as long as there is water, sand and sun I’m smilin’!

The hotter the better or do you prefer the cooler weather? Summer, Baby, all the way! I even like Texas heat.

Ever been to a nude beach? Nope

First thing you notice about a guy? The way he’s dressed…I’m in the fashion industry so he has to have good taste and be able to dress himself.

Favorite outdoor activity? Does skydiving count?

Hot dog or hamburger? If I had to pick, I guess hot dog.

How many bathing suits do you own? I would have to say around ten.

Ocean or pool? I prefer the ocean, but I’m still happy near a pool.

Are you single or spoken for? Spoken for!

Rollercoasters ~ fun or traumatic? I’m an adrenaline junkie, so definitely FUN!

Any summer vacation plans this year? No definite plans as of yet but I could certainly use a week of doing nothing but lying on a beach.

Brian P. (with Buddy (L) and Clyde (R)

Any nicknames? Nope.

Are you a romantic or a bad boy? A romantic bad boy!

Favorite club? Irish Times

Favorite summer cocktail? Grey Goose and cranberry juice

What is your day job? Working at Rt. 9 Muscle and Fitness.

Favorite beach? Misquamicut

Any tattoos? Three

Reality TV or the game? The game

Would you ever go to a nude beach? Yes

First thing you notice about a girl? A beautiful face is a must.

What’s your dream job? Owning my own gym

Hot dog or hamburger? Hamburger

Victoria’s Secret or SI swim suit issue? Victoria’s Secret

Ocean or pool? Ocean

So ~ single or spoken for? Spoken for

How many times per week do you work out? Five or six

Any summer vacation plans? Hoping for a cruise to the Bahamas

Ten Commandments for the Bathing Suit Industry
By Christine R. Walsh

The god of bathing suits took vengeance upon me in a Bradlees’ dressing room one June when I was twelve. Apparently, it was payback for those years when I refused toddler bikinis and streaked around the neighborhood like a nudist on speed. My hips had developed early (or exploded, as I like to say) and my boobs hit the snooze button on the hormone alarm clock and didn’t show up for two years. My round stomach made me look oddly pregnant. My knees were knobby, my legs skinny. And I had an Irish Catholic mother who had one thing to say as I stood, horrified by my mutinous body, in front of the three-way mirror:

“Hmm. Your bottom is getting big. Might want to watch that.”

As I grew, I realized that I wasn’t the only innocent who had been damned. Girls everywhere had been cast out of the Garden of Bathing Suit Beauty. But like the Poolside Moses that I am, I have come down from the retail heavens to present a list of commandments to those who create bathing suits so that no woman will ever again hide behind a dune in an oversized t-shirt.

1. Thou shalt not try to give us boobs that resemble coffee filters. Stop putting those cups into bathing suits. They don’t remotely resemble breasts. Sure, no one likes to nip out, but those cups should be used for carrying brews, not protecting boobs.

2. Thou shalt not sell us shaving products that butcher our nether regions. I have yet to find a razor that leaves my bikini area looking normal and not just like I walked off an episode of “Law and Order” in which I played the victim of a violent crime. I yearn for hair-free, wound-free upper thighs.

3. Thou shalt not dress us in “tummy slimming” material. This is just simple science. If the tummy is being slimmed, then the fat is just going to go elsewhere. When it goes elsewhere, it looks as if we are too much meat stuffed into too little sausage casing. Who wants to look like a deli product?

4. Thou shalt realize that big tops do not mean big bottoms.The hourglass figure is a rarity. Many of us are either stacked up top or have nice junk in the trunk, but not both. Don’t make us suffer through ill-fitting bikini pieces that make us look droopy because you can’t let go of the Marilyn Monroe image.

5. Thou shalt use warm lighting in all dressing rooms. I’ve been tempted to call an ambulance for myself because, in the light of dressing rooms, I’m so gray it looks like I have no circulation. The shadows created by those fluorescent lights would make Catherine Zeta Jones want to become an anorexic and obsessive fake tanner.

6. Thou shalt forbid all skinny model-type sales associates from telling us which suit looks best for our body types. Shut your mouth, perky salesgirl. You secretly want me to look like a manatee. And stop using the term “full-bodied.” I’m not one of your cheap boxes of wine.

7. Thou shalt create suits that don’t bunch in our unmentionable regions and require tugging. There are few things less attractive than having to yank fabric from between your butt cheeks. No dating opportunities (healthy) can come from picking wedgies.

8. Thou shalt not provide us with acne creams that cause more harm than good. We would like to clear up our back acne, not shed copious amounts of skin due to over-drying. If we thought acne wasn’t sexy, we certainly don’t think that leprosy is.

9. Thou shalt not laugh when we remain in our panties when we try suits on. Again, perky salesgirl, that one’s aimed at you. No intelligent woman is going to trust those flimsy little paper strips we find in the crotches to protect us from getting a disease. Don’t giggle at our genital health precautions; you might want to consider some.

10. Thou shalt embrace all women of all types and sizes and create suits for them. Because if you don’t, I, Poolside Moses, will part the seas and lunge for your jugular.


We at Pulse feel like proud parents when we look at Tianna ~ we remember this beautiful but shy girl who was so nervous at last year’s photo shoot … and not only did she wind up as our July cover girl and on all our posters, but her career has absolutely taken off. We know that some of our readers, including several of this year’s photo shoot models, might be interested in following in her footsteps, so we asked Tianna, “Do you have some time to chat and give us all an idea of what your life is like now? “ And much to our delight, she responded, “Of course…for you guys, anything!”

So do you remember what that first photo shoot was like? Ahhh! I was so nervous, I didn’t know what to do with myself! I didn’t have much modeling experience back then, so being around all of those other beautiful models was very overwhelming for me. I could remember thinking, “Wow, these girls are so gorgeous! Did they call me for the right photo shoot?!”

Any advice for people who think they might have what it takes to model? A lot of people ask me that question, especially girls, and I always tell them that hard work and persistence pays off! You have to be dedicated to this industry in order to make it work and know that if one door closes, another will open. You also have to have thick skin to be in this industry because rejection is just part of it. If someone doesn’t book you for a job, it doesn’t mean you are not good enough, you just are not specifically what they are looking for at the moment. Let’s face it, nowadays EVERYONE wants to be a model, but you have to separate yourself from the rest of them and find a way to stand out. Modeling may look easy, but it’s really not! It’s not about standing around and looking pretty all day. I have friends who try it and they always walk away saying, “Tianna, I don’t know how you do it, but modeling is not as easy as I thought it would be. I could not do this everyday!” It’s also very important to eat healthy and work out! When I’m home, you can find me working out at World Fitness behind the Greendale Mall and then getting the best protein shakes around at the juice bar, Gym and Juice, which my good friend Tony owns ~ Shameless plug #1! I also make sure that I see my hairstylist, Alexa at Personal Best Salon on West Boylston St. regularly to keep me updated on the latest looks ~ Shameless plug #2!

Tell us about some of the major contracts that you’ve booked. Well, first and foremost, I have to say that I feel very blessed to be able to have done the things I have! Just some of the bookings I’ve had in the past year are:

Hot Import Nights tour model/Boost Mobile “Babes” tour model/Prestigious Models tour model/Spike TV’s “Late Night Strip”/MTV’s “Nick Cannon’s Dime Piece Search”/New York Rangers Commercial/Fuse TV/ Scion Commercial/617 Live Promotional Commercial/Octane TV Promotional Commercial/Hot Import Nights Promotional Commercial/Speed Freak Inc. Calendar and Interview/Xi Ling Shi Fashion Line Model/Serene Comfort clothing model/Carry the Zero CD cover/FHM “Sexy Sports Fans”/Elegance by Carbonneau wedding catalog/New England Sports Bike calendar/Maxim/ Coors Light model/Asian Scene Magazine feature/Pixacom feature/IGN feature/Living Syndication music video/The Game Plan movie extra

What’s in like getting to travel so much for your job? I have been so fortunate to be able to travel as much as I do! Sometimes it gets tiring to pack and unpack all of the time, but being able to meet all of these people is so amazing! I’m in and out of New York City a lot, and this year I’m just traveling within the United States, but I’m hoping that next year I’ll be international! But I get to meet and network with so many nice people, it’s great!

What’s it feel like seeing yourself on-screen or in print? I’ve been on national TV and national print ads many times, but to this day, every time I see myself, I’m still shocked that it’s me! It’s a wonderful feeling I can’t explain, and I’m not used to it yet and I don’t think I’ll ever be, but it is very, very exciting!

Are you still learning tricks of the trade about how to play up your strengths in photos? Yes, you learn something new every time you have a photo shoot or you tape a TV show. You learn what is flattering for you.

What do you think about when you are in front of the camera? The first few moments in front of the camera are still nerve-wracking, but once that’s over with, there are a lot of things that run through my head ~ I can share a few of them with you, but I can’t let ALL my secrets out, now can I! But I have to think a lot about what I look like, how I am portraying myself, and ~ if I’m taping a commercial or TV show ~ my lines!

On your days off ~ sweats and a ponytail or are you glamorous all the time? Oh man! It depends on what I’m doing ~ but lately, I’ve been relaxing in jeans or sweats. It’s nice to be able to be low key and unwind when I’m home, even though everyone expects me to look glamorous all of the time.

Any interest in one day stepping behind the camera and doing some photography? Not yet. I’m enjoying being in front of the camera too much to go behind it yet! But maybe in the future, once I can’t model anymore, I will make the move, if not to behind the camera as a photographer then maybe to behind the scenes in TV or film.

What’s next for you? Well, this year, I am endorsed by Boost Mobile cell phones, which may I add, is the best cell phone company around, so make sure you go out and get one! “Where you at?” (Shameless plug #3, Haha) . I also just got a contract with PM Girls (more info at and am with Hot Import Nights, so, I am traveling and making personal appearances in the U.S. for all of them. I also have a few other things brewing but I can’t say anything until it is all finalized.

Anything else you want people to know about you? Yes, just because I model for a living doesn’t mean that I am a stereotypical model. I am one of the goofiest, funniest, laid back people you will meet. I am also really nice and personable, so if you see me out, please feel free to say hi. I don’t bite, I promise!

And some parting words for our Pulse readers? My life has changed so much within the last year! I went from working an office job as a finance manager to becoming a model and appearing on national TV and print ads! Crazy, huh?! I just want to give a special thank you to the Pulse Magazine and your staff! I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a model, but after last year’s swimsuit photo shoot, I knew that this is exactly what I wanted to do! So thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so, and for giving me the confidence to peruse this career! I also want to thank my friends and fans for supporting me ~ without them, all of this wouldn’t be possible! Jubba, Jessica, Lanchi, Tony and the rest of my family and loves, I adore you all so very much and a million thank yous for always being there when I need you the most and for being so supportive! Oh, one last thing, make sure you go out and get the newest Boost Mobile cell phone and come see me on tour in various U.S. cities! XOXO

You can check Tianna out at where she regularly updates where she’ll be and what’s coming up for her. And stay tuned, she’ll have her own website up and running very soon!