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08.06 Ten Most Eligible Singles


Worcester County’s Ten Most Eligible Singles
Young, Successful…and Unattached!

By Christine R. Walsh

They’re hot, they’ve got terrific careers, and best of all, they’re unattached! So for all of you guys and gals out there who keep saying that “All the good ones are taken,” Pulse Magazine proudly presents not just ten good local singles, but ten GREAT local singles! And since we’re spilling the beans and telling you where some of these folks hang out during their down time, who knows ~ if you play your cards right, you just might get lucky (so to speak!) and run into one of these hotties…and then the rest is up to you!

Matt D’Andrea

Where Pulse Caught Up with Him: Pulse interrupted D’Andrea as he was working night detail. Luckily, this hot-to-trot-cop let us off with only a warning.

Age and Astrological Sign: D’Andrea is a 29-year-old Capricorn who would be most compatible with a Taurus or a Scorpio. He’s ambitious, determined, and possesses both a great work ethic and a sense of family values and tradition. He’s definitely husband material, ladies!

Most Embarrassing Moment: D’Andrea spends much of his day telling others how to drive, but he hasn’t always been that savvy with a gear stick. He once rented a car and exited the vehicle, thinking it was in Park. The car was actually in Drive and proceeded to crash itself into a tree. Oops.

Favorite Saturday Night Hang-out: You can find D’Andrea hanging out with his friends at Brew City, enjoying the casual and relaxing atmosphere.

Security Blanket: D’Andrea can live without his hair gel, but take away his cell phone and you’d have one perturbed policeman on your hands.

If You Were an Animal: This sergeant wouldn’t mind spending his days as a puppy dog. Why? D’Andrea is a big fan of getting cozy and cuddling.

What the Future Holds: D’Andrea says that his greatest achievement thus far in life has been becoming a sergeant. The test was extremely competitive, but this hard-working cop came out on top. His goals don’t stop there, however. D’Andrea would like to someday become a lieutenant and find a woman with whom he can carry on a stable dating relationship.

Brunette, Blond, or Redhead?: Brunette

Boxers or Briefs?: Boxers

Katie Leone
WTAG Promotions Director

Where Pulse Caught Up with Her: Pulse knocked on Leone’s door as she was readying a Red Sox ticket giveaway promotion on the radio station’s website. She said that one of the best parts of her job was giving away these highly sought-after tix. Pulse wanted a hook-up, but Leone is one tough cookie.

Astrological Sign: This eligible 26-year-old hottie is an Aries who has enough energy for a small nation. She is a go-getter but has the ability to be extremely nurturing and romantic. Leone’s best matches are Aquarians and Leos.

Greatest Achievement: Leone is the first of her siblings to graduate from college. And not just any college ~ Leone earned her degree at the highly respected Bryant University. This lady means business.

During Downtime: Leone likes to chill out in front of the television whenever there’s a Red Sox game on the tube. She enjoys running around Elm Park and going out with friends.

Favorite Saturday Night Hang-out: You might run into Leone and her crew at Castellana’s before they head out for a night of clubbing. Leone loves Captain and Cokes but refuses to down the drink if it’s sans lime.

If You Were an Animal: Leone would be a Cheetah, fast and agile. In fact, Leone’s nickname was “Cheetah” during her high school soccer days because she was so fast (on the field, that is ~ don’t get the wrong idea!)

Worst Pick-Up Line: Leone reports that one man tried to proposition her with a sob story. He said his mother had recently passed away and he was in need of some sympathy.

What the Future Holds: Leone plans to be a successful business woman. She says that it doesn’t matter where she ends up or what she ends up doing as long as she’s happy and having a good time.

Spoil or Be Spoiled?: Be spoiled!

Boxers or Briefs?: Boxerbriefs.

Leather or Lace?: Lace.

Nicole Steina
Club Promoter, Legal Secretary at Fuller, Rosenberg, Palmer and Beliveau

Where Pulse Caught Up with Her: Between her usual nine-to-five and the crazy schedule of an in-demand club promoter, Steina makes the most out of every minute of the day. Pulse snagged her as she was waiting in line to order pizza at Pizzeria Regina on her lunch break. Luckily, a friend of Steina’s stepped in and ordered the pie while Steina dished with Pulse.

Age and Astrological Sign: Watch out! This girl may be too hot to handle! Steina, 28, is a Scorpio. She’s passionate, persistent and utterly magnetic. She’s most compatible with a Capricorn or Virgo.

Favorite Saturday Night Hang-out: Steina can be found sipping martinis at finer establishments like Pearl Oyster and Block 5.

Greatest Achievement: Steina may spend a lot of time heating up the club scene at night, but this girl is a homebody at heart. She says that her greatest achievement is her 3-year-old daughter, Gabrielle. Teaching a child the ways of the world is the best thing that anyone could ever do, according to Steina.

Most Embarrassing Moment: During a night at the club, Steina noticed a woman pointing at her skirt. Our Most Eligible Scorpio simply thought that this woman was admiring her taste in clothing. Unfortunately, Steina had tucked the bottom of her skirt into the top of her underwear without realizing it. Bare buns for everyone to see!

What the Future Holds: When she isn’t working, promoting, or being a Number One Mom, Steina likes to write poetry and articles about dating. Although she’s happy with life now, she envisions herself living the sweet life on a beachfront property 10 years from now.

Boxers or Briefs?: Boxer briefs are sooo sexy, according to Steina.

Mild or Spicy?: Mild, but only because she is so spicy!

Clean Shaven or Five O’Clock Shadow?: Steina prefers a 5 o’clock shadow, but only if you aren’t planning on kissing her.

Adrian Parker
Production Mngr., Massachusetts Symphony Orchestra;
Producer, Preston Productions, Inc.

Where Pulse Caught Up with Him: Pulse surprised Parker at Hanover Insurance as he was picking up some necessities for the concert that night.

Astrological Sign: Parker, 28, is an outgoing and friendly Gemini. He is a connector and lover of people and has a knack for conversation. The Gemini is not at all two-faced, but every so often his wild side may surprise you. He works best with another Gemini or a Leo.

Greatest Achievement: Parker is very proud of his career, but owning his own home with his identical twin brother Colin (that’s right ladies, indulge your fantasies!) is one of his most important personal successes. Parker can also brag of citizenship in two other countries ~ Canada and Ireland.

What’s Your Best Feature?: “I think my height.”

Favorite Saturday Night Hang-out: Although Parker is usually working a concert on a Saturday night, he can occasionally break away and when he does, he heads to Mack’s Diner. Parker says he always orders the special, no matter what it is.

Security Blanket: Parker may be a strong man who enjoys the heavy lifting required for home improvement projects, but take away his lap top and you’ll see him crumble.

Quiet Night at Home or Hit the Clubs?: Quiet night at home.

Favorite Sunday Morning Spot: Parker is a productive and efficient guy who likes to get stuff done during the wee hours of a Sunday morn. You can find him re-doing the plumbing of his home or working on the floors…Like Norm Abram, but sexier.

What the Future Holds: Parker would love to see himself married in ten years. He also hopes to own his own production company and be living in his second home by that point.

If You Were an Animal: Parker would be an eagle. He says an eagle has the ability to get around quickly and benefits from heightened senses.

Blond, Brunette, or Redhead?: Blond.

Lover or Fighter?: Lover.


Joff Smith
Worcester City Councilor

Where Pulse Caught Up with Him: Smith is the youngest city councilor ever to be elected in Worcester. Pulse found this fine and focused single hard at work on his daily paperwork. He was able to spare a few minutes to indulge inquiring minds.

Age and Astrological Sign: This 25-year-old politician is a Scorpio. He’s suave, charming, mysterious and cool. Smith throws his heart into everything that he does. When he has his mind set, he is a force to be reckoned with! As a Scorpio, he is compatible with Capricorns and Virgos.

Favorite Saturday Night Hang-out: Smith enjoys letting off a little steam by hitting the bars and the restaurants with his best buds on a weekend night. He doesn’t play favorites when it comes to bars and he refers to his Saturday night festivities as “…contributing to the Worcester economy.”

During the Downtime: When Smith is not working hard for Worcester’s District 1, he heads to Gold’s Gym to stay in shape for the voters. He has always enjoyed sports and even tried out for the major leagues. Today, Smith likes to support his favorite worthwhile causes. He has entered the ring for the past three years and taken some blows for the Boys and Girls Club in their “Give Kids a Fighting Chance” charity boxing event. Smith has also orchestrated his own “Joff Smith’s Annual Celebrity Auction” where local celebrities (Smith included) are auctioned off to the highest bidder. Proceeds go to the Worcester Police Athletic League.

What the Future Holds: Smith has big plans for himself. He plans continued success in both politics and business and will strive to find a balance between his professional and his personal life. When it comes to the opposite sex, Smith is seeking a girl who is smart, funny and motivated. Only baseball fans need apply!

Spoil or Be Spoiled?: Spoil.

Mild or Spicy?: Spicy.

Dog, Cat, or Ferret?: Dog.

Elizabeth Giangrande
Marketing and Communications Account Executive
at Fallon Community Health Plan

Where Pulse Caught Up with Her: Pulse burst into Giangrande’s cubicle as she was working on an ad for Fallon. Pulse knocked over her coffee, ruined some Post-It notes, but apologized and was forgiven.

Age and Astrological Sign: Giangrande is a sexy 34-year old single who dwells in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorns are classy, reserved and very determined. They are always seeking new challenges and overcoming obstaclesfrom which most other signs would run. Giangrande’s best match would be either a Taurus or a Virgo.

Greatest Achievement: Giangrande has looks and a brain to match. This elegant Eligible just recently acquired her master’s degree in Communications from Clark University.

Security Blanket: Giangrande is unable to survive for more than 24 hours without some form of chocolate.

Favorite Saturday Night Hang-out: Giangrande likes to spend her weekend nights with close friends at Block 5 or Junior’s Pizza. She says she’ll hit just about any outdoor café during the summer months and delights in a concoction called a “Flirtini,” made of delicious ingredients like Raspberry Stoli, champagne and fresh raspberries.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Giangrande says she has a whole list of embarrassing moments, but she doubted we’d be able to print them! Still, she shared a story about a very serious meeting she attended with a group of top execs. Giangrande had chosen a pair of especially “crazy” heels that day and as she walked out of the meeting room with the bigwigs, she caught her heel on a rug. She claims to have been airborne for at least five minutes before smacking into a glass door. As she slid down the glass, some of the executives wondered aloud if Giangrande were dead. Fortunately, this graceful lady was able to hop back onto her feet and assure everyone that she was still very much alive.

What the Future Holds: Down the road, Giangrande would love to get married, have a family and live on the beach. She also wants to always work in a place and at a job that she loves.

Spoil or Be Spoiled?: Both.

Dog, Cat, or Ferret?: Cat.

Jaime Rauh
Key account manager, Pepsi Company

Where Pulse Caught Up with Her: Working as Pepsi’s Key Account Manager can be a taxing job, but Pulse was able to track Rauh down and catch her between meetings. Pulse is pleased to report that Rauh was both bubbly and refreshing.

Astrological Sign: This sweet and single sales executive is a 30 year old Aquarius. She’s an original thinker who is unique and marches to the beat of her own drum. She cares deeply for friends and family and would work out wonderfully with a Libra or an Aries.

Greatest Achievement: Rauh treasures the time she spent with her grandparents while they were still alive and is proud that she was able to establish such enriching relationships with them. You can learn a lot from older people because they’ve experienced so much, according to Rauh.

Security Blanket: Rauh says that she is not materialistic in the least, but she always needs her lip gloss.

Favorite Saturday Night Hang-out: Rauh and her crew enjoy hitting places like the Block Five and the Trap House on a summer night. Her drink? Kettel One with soda and a splash of Cran. This classy chick is not fooling around!

Quiet Night at Home or Hitting the Club?: Rauh had a good point: Why not do both? Hit the club for a little while and then have a quiet night at home.

Favorite Sunday Morning Spot: Rauh tries to attend church on Sunday mornings. She admits she doesn’t always make it, but the effort is there.

What the Future Holds: In 10 years, this single sweetheart would love to be married with kids. Her ideal mate will be funny, tall, confident and kind.

Boxers or Briefs?: Boxerbriefs!

Leather or Lace?: Lace.

Sara Sciammacco
Weekend Reporter for NECN

Where Pulse Caught Up with Her: The news never sleeps and neither does Sciammacco. This lady is always on the go. But Pulse hid outside in the bushes of her home and approached her as she was returning from a mini-vacation in New York.

Age and Astrological Sign: Sciammacco is a lovely 25-year-old Leo. This means she’s artistic, outgoing, kind, warm, and good in the spotlight. She turns heads when she walks into the room and wouldn’t you like to be the lucky beau? Her best match would be a Sagittarius or a Libra.

Weekend Warrior: Sciammacco is a weekend reporter, so she doesn’t have much time for pub crawls on Saturday or Sunday. Still, she knows how to keep a healthy balance in her life and spends her free time hitting the gym or riding her bike around Worcester.

Sweet tooth Sweetheart: This NECN single knows how to make a delicious sundae and she certainly does not spare the sugar. If you take her to an ice cream shoppe, she’ll get decadent with lots of chocolate, nuts, caramel, whipped cream and jimmies.

Birthday Wish: How can you win Sciammacco’s heart? Throw her a party that brings all of her college friends (who are scattered across the United States) to the same place for a birthday blow-out.

What the Future Holds: Sciammacco plans to stay in the field of news reporting and dreams of someday moving to an even larger television market.

Leather or Lace?: Leather.

Car, Truck, or Motorcycle?: Car.

Book or Movie: Book!


Jesse Wilmot
Owner of Styles Beauty Salon

Where Pulse Caught Up with Him: Wilmot may be young in years but he has a world of experience and understands the meaning of responsibility. Pulse caught him outside of the salon while he was spending some quality time with his number one sweetheart, 3-year-old daughter Taylor.

Age and Astrological Sign: Twenty seven year old Wilmot is an Aquarius. If you are a stranger, he is warm and engaging. If you are allowed into his trusted inner circle, he is gregarious and loving. Wilmot is a teddy bear ~ and he can give you an incredible cut and blow dry, too! His best matches are Libra and Aries.

Greatest Achievement: Wilmot has two! His daughter comes in first and his business comes in second. And here’s some cool background info: His mother was in the beauty industry for over 36 years and inspired Wilmot and his sister to get into the business, too. Before Wilmot knew it, he was taking classes and opening his own salon ~ and now he’s both a proud papa and a proud proprietor (not to mention quite a hottie!).

Favorite Saturday Night Hang-out: Wilmot can be found with his buddies at one of Worcester’s most popular night spots, Rehab. His drink of choice? A very classy Grey Goose vodka and cranberry.

Security Blanket: Wilmot treasures his friends and would never want to be without them.

What the Future Holds: Wilmot wants to stay in the hair styling business here in Worcester and plans to see his salon grow, making him an even more established stylist here in the city.

Spoil or Be Spolied?: Spoil

Boxers or Briefs?: Boxers

Spicy or Mild?: Spicy


Jediah Jarvais
Lead Singer for the Band Jediah

Where Pulse Caught Up with Him: Jarvais can be found rocking out at outstanding musical venues all over MA. We managed to squeeze an interview out of this talented cutie right before he performed in Sturbridge one night. Hope he didn’t miss his sound check!

Age and Astrological Sign: Jarvais is a 25-year-old Cancer ~ which means he is a sensitive, creative, and a creature of comfort. He takes great care of his loved ones and is excellent with older family members and children. He will always make you feel secure and loved and his best matches are Capricorns and Aries.

How He Gets the Girl: How else would a musician grab a gal’s heart? Jarvais admits that he can be shy around girls so he never approaches with vapid conversation. Instead, he chooses the path of romance and sings to the object of his heart’s desire. Yup, he’s a Renaissance man.

Favorite Saturday Night Hang-out: When he’s not playing a gig, Jarvais can be found at one of the many hip hot spots on Shrewsbury Street. He loves hanging out with his friends and playing pool. He’s not much of a dancer, he says. Maybe he just hasn’t found the right partner?

What the Future Holds: Jarvais’s dream is to play either in Madison Square Garden or at Fenway Park. He also aspires to own a home on the beach in Hawaii.

Boxers or Briefs?: Boxers

Dog, Cat or Ferret?: Dog

Spoil or Be Spoiled?: Be Spoiled

Spicy or Mild?: Mild


  1. jesse is hot but even hotter with his girlfriend by his side…. pretty much the most beautiful couple

  2. Jesse is hot, but not unless he has becca by his side.. together=pure gorgeousness….

  3. Giangrande is hotter than all!!! She must work at the Hu-Ke-Lau!!!!Love you…never forget you….
    Paul..Hartford Jai-Alai

  4. i bet you think so LOVER, but hes mine you may have had him once but ive got him all the time. so get over it cause YOUR SHIT IS SLACKKKK!

  5. Jesse is the hottest that why hes my boyfriend LOVER so dream on hunny.. there will never be room for you. two years strong baby

  6. Love the hot Italian Girl….must be Giangrande!!!!!!!!!!! Love the staff at Liquori’s -West Springfield Mass……xoxo

  7. OMG Jesse! That is so funny that you have girls fighting over you on this thing (even if it was like two yrs ago, I just found this). Anyway keep it cool cuz. Oh yeah congrats on making it in the top 10 and I guess it is better than me & my career I’m just “Army Strong”

  8. Omg Girls! I just ran into my baby Jesse almost a year ago! he is a real man!!! He’s mine bitches! What a stud. All night long, all night strong. Thank god you girls could not hold him down!!!!??? But I’m a keeper. He knows that. Becca…. Give it up sweetie. You look desperate. It’s an aweful look. See us around bitches.
    Mrs. Right <3

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