07.06 PulseDating

Do Our Late 20s Mean One Foot in The Social Grave?
By Nicole Steina

This month, our “She” gets introspective and wonders if she’s socially washed up at 28. Read what she has to say and then tune in next month when our “He” weighs in with the male point of view.

I was driving on the highway yesterday and talking to my best friend on the phone when suddenly it hit me ~ Literally! We were talking about how ladies our age, women in our late 20s who were once admired by women in their 30s for being young and vibrant, are now being replaced by 21 year old chickies with hot little bodies and most of their 20s still ahead of them. I was saying how I’m starting to sense that I’m now looked at not as the hot chick in the club but rather as that older lady who is trying too hard! Just as I said that I swear to you a huge rock hit my windshield…was a higher power trying to tell me something?!

I know a lot of you feel the same way that I do…I consider myself young and attractive. I take great care of myself and have better fashion sense than a lot of those cute little 21 year olds and yet I find myself out on the weekends getting passed over for the girl at the bar who bought her entire wardrobe in the Limited Too. It seems to me that nowadays it has become harder for a successful 20-something woman like myself to find a good man to settle into a relationship with when these young ‘uns are invading our social territory at a rapid rate!

What does she have that I don’t? Well, her boobs are firm and her butt is so tight you could bounce my dentures off of it! I spend 5 days a week at the gym to get that body and she sits home eating whatever she wants, watching TV and probably reading Teen Vogue! I try to keep up with what’s new ~ the hottest clothes, the newest hair cuts, the best fake nails. I go the hottest nightspots in Boston and am pretty well known as a socialite in the city. So why am I having such a hard time finding that perfect man? I’ll tell you why! The men I want in turn want the younger models and don’t want to “settle” for us old bags! The just-turned-21 ladies make men in their late 20s and early 30s feel like somehow they’re recapturing their youth.

Now I know a lot of you will say that I am making a generalization and I do admit that what I’ve said is not true in for every woman my age ~ it’s merely my perspective based on personal experience and a personal sense of, well, maybe getting a little bit obsolete in the dating world!

So it’s inevitable. Time marches on and here I am at 28 ~ another year closer to 30 and another foot on the banana peel as I step towards the dawning of my 30s! What can I do? Throw on my stilettos, put on that tight little dress I bought at Bebe and dread the look on the face of the man I meet at the bar when I ask, “ So how old do you think I am?” and he responds, “ I don’t know. 30?”

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Maybe you are looking in the wrong spot?

Maybe you are looking at the wrong guys?

I am not saying that everyone at 28 should be looking to settle down. But maybe the guys whose mission’s in life are to take 21 year olds home at 2AM on a Saturday night aren’t the right guys to give you what you want and need?

Maybe you should have spent the intervening years between being a young hottie and wishing that you still were a young hottie doing something more interesting than going to the gym and coiffing your hair.

Those chicks still have a chance, you’ve blown yours.

In reading your rambling excuse for journalism I found the real reason why the men you seek head for the alternatives. It’s your pompous and arrogant attitude.

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