Vincent Pacifico

With a new age of working comes a new way of imagining and designing office space. Venture X has opened a new co-working office space located right in the heart of downtown Worcester at Mercantile Center. This is a business that has reimagined the modern age of office space which truly coincides with our current job market and economy. With more and more commercial office spaces becoming vacant, it’s very apparent that the way of working has dramatically changed over the past few years.

While the massive office buildings filled with cubicles of workers are somewhat still apparent in our day to day work world, a new option for office workers has emerged. Work from home was convenient for a time but after a few years of isolation and never leaving the same live/work environment, work became exhausting after many companies decided to go fully remote for the foreseeable future. Many office workers enjoyed the change of scenery and the social interactions involved with leaving home and going to an office and being able to separate their work from their home lives. Co-working spaces like these may have solved one of the major problems with the work from home dilemma. Having the ability to work from home has definitely made work more flexible, but these spaces give individuals the opportunity to have their own office space even if the majority of their company decided to go fully remote. There’s something you just can’t beat with face to face interaction and having a dedicated work space that isn’t your kitchen table for part of the day. 

Venture X has also created an opportunity for individuals with start ups to have office space as small as just a mailbox along with access to a conference room making it that more achievable for a small business to get their feet wet in the professional world of high rents. Venture X offers private full offices, dedicated work desks in a collaborative space, virtual office and community office space, with each having their own perks and set of amenities. The office building itself is set in a prime location in the city making it convenient to walk and grab a lunch or coffee at a multitude of nearby cafes and restaurants.

Maybe you are looking for a collaborative space to work full time in Worcester or you are an established business that is looking to open a Worcester branch with low overhead costs, the Venture X space might be for you. If you are looking for a location that is professional, well designed and easily accessible by you and your clients, book a tour and see how this co-working space can enhance your day to day work experience!