I always have mixed feelings at the end of the summer. I’m kind of bored with the heat and looking forward to fall, but I like the slow pace of summer. When it comes to beer, I’m all shandied out but it’s too early to get into the cider game. So what can we drink to end the summer? Sours.

Sours are bougie but fun, and are great to serve your own flights at home. Grab a few lambics and mix it up in your backyard with friends. Don’t forget to score a pack of cigarettes to share, it’s okay you deserve to live it up a little. Here are some of my favorite sours to sip on to take the edge off saying goodbye to the summer and getting back to the rat race.

I’ll never forget the first time I had Lindemans Framboise Lambic, it was also the first time I tried mushrooms. Some friends and I were at the beach chilling hard, listening to ELO and just soaking in the vibes and sharing what was most likely luke warm Framboise. This Belgian raspberry beer is fruity and tart, and should be served cold. Like most authentic Lambics, Lindemans Framboise is spontaneously fermented with wild yeast and bacteria. The bacteria part is kind of weird but it’s Belgium bacteria and that sounds pretty fancy so just don’t think about it. Aside from magical mushrooms, Lindemans Framboise pairs nicely with a light salad or chocolate ice cream.