I have mixed feelings about 90s fashion making a full fledged comeback. Yes, if someone set a time machine dial to 1997 I would literally do absolutely anything to go back. It was a simpler time, but a wild time and I will always fondly remember tanning beds and being able to rip butts indoors. Not everything was great though, a quick look through a vintage Delia’s catalog can trigger a strange mix of emotions. Let’s look at the current 90s fashion revival trends and play a game of hot or not. 

Overalls: YES. I love overalls, they’re so comfortable, great for yard work and have lots of pockets. My friend Angie always used to call them fourth trimester-alls, but I still think they’re cool. Overalls paved the way for cargo shorts, jumpsuits and Carhartt jackets. Don’t think about this too hard, it only makes sense if you read it quickly and move on.

Slip Dresses: I have never looked good in a slip dress, which might be the main reason why I am not a fan. I guess they’re okay when paired with Doc Martens and a thick cardigan, but I will sit this trend out. 

Cargo Pants: Mixed feelings. Cargo pants are incredibly efficient, we could all use more pockets in our daily life. They’re durable. You can dress them up with a cute, sleeveless top and belt, or throw on a tee shirt and a pair or Chucks and hit the skate park. I just feel weird about wide legged pants, I’m sorry. I think JNCOS culture ruined them for me.

Bike Shorts: Big yes. I liked them in the 90s because they were cute and I would literally ride my bike everywhere. I like them now because my thighs chafe and this is a cute way to avoid a painful rash/burn. Either way, bike shorts are comfy and look great with an oversized sweatshirt. 

Adidas Tracksuits: Not sure if these ever went out of style, thank you legendary television show The Sopranos. Versatile and effortless, an Adidas tracksuit will make anyone look cool. Get a black one for a more formal occasion, like a soccer coach convention and a red one for something more fun, like a Kia Soul commercial. 

Oversized Band Shirts: Obvious yes. Get your wallet out though, vintage band t-shirts are an investment. Well worth it though IMO. Some light wear and tear on the shirt gives you an authentic feel and just make sure you know a couple of their songs/albums to avoid looking like a complete poser. 

Combat Boots: I wasn’t “Doc Marten” rich in the 90s. If you were to equate my financial status to footwear back then, my income level was Adidums. Now I’m freelance writer rich, so there may be a pair of combat boots on the horizon for me. Doc Martens give any outfit an edge and increase your cool factor, plus they come in a million different colors now. I love cut off denim shorts with black tights and a pair of Docs, timeless fit. 

I have a 90s wish list of things I would bring back that will never exist again: Camel Wides, my jawline, Friendly’s Restaurants, etc. May their memories be a blessing. At least I can throw on some fourth trimester-alls and a Sublime shirt from Target and watch old episodes of Jackass on YouTube while I dream of better days.