Jason Savio

Ringo Starr – Rewind Forward

“How can I try to convince you that love and peace and kindness can change your world?” asks Ringo Starr on the title track to his new four-song EP, Rewind Forward. Breezy and with the just amount of positivity, Rewind Forward is exactly what is needed right now. 

Although it is short, Rewind Forward has a lot to say in its brief 14-minute runtime. The 83-year-old Starr makes the most of it lyrically and musically. The opening “Shadows on the Wall” benefits from a repetitive and catchy guitar riff. “Feeling the Sunlight,” with its slinky Beatles old-school pop feel, provides the perfect splash of optimism as Starr encourages us to take the time to soak in the warmth and light around us, singing “sometimes it’s good to admit that you just don’t care.” 

The closing “Miss Jean” is a fun romp, but the best song is perhaps the title track. “Every day there’s a new horizon/Everywhere another mountain to climb,” Starr sings. Leave it to a Beatle to bring some sense and perspective. Starr calls it his “truth.” Maybe if we all listen to what Ringo Starr has to say, we would be a little bit happier. 

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Rick Astley – Are We There Yet?

Chances are you only know singer Rick Astley for his 1987 hit “Never Gonna Give Your Up,” and that’s a shame because he has so much more to offer. Take his newest album, for instance. Are We There Yet? is a collection of soulful songs that have real emotion and are worth your time.

Astley’s voice has aged well and, really, hasn’t changed all that much. His deep and soulful vocals own the twelve tracks with pop inflection and authentic feels. Astley croons on the heartfelt “Golden Hour,” as well the emotional “Letting Go.” A lot of the songs here are acoustic blues ballads and soul tunes (listen to “Maria Love,” complete with horns for a rocking ‘70s funk/soul vibe) dressed up with adult contemporary production. “High Enough” leans a little more to the pop side and sounds ready for radio, while “Never Gonna Stop,” intentionally or not, sounds like a cousin to Astley’s iconic hit.

Are We There Yet? is a complete album from someone who has continued to have a successful career long after his initial success. After all these years, Rick Astley still has a voice that is immediately recognizable and feels more at home than ever before. 

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