LuAnn Thibodeau

   Are your Saturday nights becoming something of a bore? Do you stay home, or if you go out, is it the same routine week after week?  Well, perhaps it’s time for a well earned change. Look no further than The Worcester Bazaar. 

   The Worcester Bazaar, located in the courtyard at 100 Grove Street in Worcester, promises something for everyone. Artisans, local farms, musicians and more will be featured on the last Saturday of the month in August, September, and October. 

   Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking to the lady who heads up this project, Carissa Clearwater. I met her in the courtyard on a beautiful Saturday morning, where we sat outside at one of the tables and talked about The Bazaar. As Carissa told me about it, I could clearly envision what would be taking place on those three Saturdays, from 3 pm to 8pm. 

   In the outdoor courtyard, there is a beautiful flowing fountain, which is mesmerizing to watch. The peace and tranquility seemed to flow with the water. And the backdrop of a gorgeous mural painted on one of the buildings only added to that ambiance. Add the walkway made of bricks, resembling a cobblestone lane, and I was quickly transported into a similar setting of a street bazaar that I have been to in London. And even though the local artists and musicians weren’t there, I easily imagined what sights and sounds will fill me when I’m there on the upcoming three Saturdays. In my mind’s eye, I could see the artists and their fine work, I could hear the music playing, and I could smell the pleasant aroma of wonderful food. 

   Clarissa is the brains behind the idea of The Bazaar. She is the owner of a hair salon called Rats Nest, in the complex at 100 Grove Street. She wanted to see local talent featured in a festive atmosphere that is welcoming to all, and thus, The Bazaar was born. Like any new life, The Bazaar also has others who are involved in helping it to grow. 

   Chris Michelotti, who is well known for his curation of artist showcases at Electric Haze in Worcester, brings his talent to the team. Additionally, LeighAnn Soucy, who is a vendor at The Bazaar and owner of The Thicket, is in the lineup. The Thicket is a hand picked clothing shop for thick folks, sizes L and up (guess who this thick sized writer will be visiting).  Rounding out the team is another vendor, Sharon Sanchez. Sharon has her own brand of skincare products, and has her business located across the hall from Carissa at 100 Grove Street. 

   As the sun warmed us, Carissa drank her coffee from Fuel America, another merchant in the 100 Grove Street complex, and I drank my delicious juice mix from the same shop, she told me about previous nights at The Bazaar. She also told me about some plans for possible new things in the future, but that’s a surprise for another time. 

   Suffice it to say that I am looking forward to August 28th, the first of the three Saturday nights at The Bazaar. I can’t wait to see the vendors and artists, and to hear the musicians, as the Saturday afternoon turns to early evening, and the lights that are strung above illuminate the courtyard. This promises to be a great time for all, so be sure to put the date on your calendar, as well as the last Saturdays in September- the 30th, and October- the 26th. See you there. Oh, and if you want to see some of the past nights at The Bazaar, check out their page on Instagram