Shaun Connolly

After another successful year of minor league baseball in downtown Worcester, we can move on from the baseball side of things. Right? Let’s admit this is an entertainment business. Sure, the occasional Major Leaguer comes down for a rehab start and destroys a TV (Thanks Chris Sale), but for the most part it is a lot of guys trying to figure it out and that doesn’t always make for the best baseball. Especially for a casual fan. That’s why we must look to the other things that bring us to the ballpark. I’m not what you’d call a foodie. I am definitely a connoisseur, one of not the finest tastes, but of the regular food. The hot dogs, the burgers, the fries, the nachos, the everyman food. That’s what I’m here to review for you now: all of the food that exists at Polar Park.


Coney Island- I don’t really need to say more, it is exactly what you get over at Southbridge St. except now you get to watch a ballgame while that’s happening.

B.T.’s Smokehouse- The same! No notes. Great BBQ from great people.

Wonder Bar Pizza- A huge slice, dripping in all the right ways. 

The Sausage Guy- Those ones you have at Fenway? Those are the ones. 

Kona Ice- Shaved ice, it’s for the kids or the kid in you. 

Creative Cakes- They’re in the refurbished Sherwood Diner on Summit St. The sweets and coffees are delicious and you get to have them in a classic box car diner!


The Taste of Worcester has been a great addition to the ballpark. Having pop ups for restaurants all over the city has really helped the fans discover all of the great and diverse food options throughout. The highlights for me were Caribbean Press with their island takes on panini staples, Unique Cafe with some unreal roll-ups, and Pho Sure with an excellent Banh Mi. 

Then you can’t ignore the giant success of Taco and Tequila Tuesday. Three tacos and a margarita for $12 is an unreal deal and such a fun way to enjoy a baseball game. 

You can’t forget the Battle Burger offered this year. This is a great idea, and while I was only able to try it for one of the homestands, the Philly Cheesesteak Burger during the Lehigh Valley IronPigs series was fantastic. 

Finally, probably a highlight for me and my family, the souvenir helmet nachos. All of the ingredients are fresh and so good. The beans, the cheese, the guacamole and whatever protein you choose. Wow, what a deal .

Ballpark Staples

As a parent of a toddler, I understand. Some people don’t want a helmet full of nachos or “2 Up” from Coney or a big ole brisket sandwich. Sometimes you just want a plain hot dog, chicken fingers or fries. You want that movie theater nacho or a box of cracker jacks you’d like to pick out of your teeth the rest of the game. Sure it is not everyone’s first choice, but maybe the line at Coney is too long and you drank one of the 32 oz Bud Lights that they serve. You need something in your system. This gets the job done. It is nothing to write home about. Hell, it probably doesn’t even deserve a paragraph in a monthly magazine, but my editor is on my ass about the word count.


There are still two more homestands left to try all of this wonderful food. Make sure you at the very least check out Namste Woo, with some fun takes on classic Indian food or the next series with a Worcester staple, Mezcal serving up your favorite guacamoles and tacos. Polar Park has been very delicious this year, and I only look forward to what it brings next season.