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Style Savvy


April Goddard

Hello and Happy May Pulse Readers! 

What a fabulous spring we have had so far! The weather is giving 100% summer is on the horizon, and I am absolutely loving it. Style Savvy is here to bring you more of the new and now for this season! There are several trends that I am personally loving right now, and I encourage you all to try them out and make these things your own. So read on to discover 4 new trends that will put you on point for this May!

  1. The Stylish Water Bottle: Everyone has seen the viral Stanley and Yeti among other trending cups. These, along with countless others are great options for a daily reusable water bottle. The main takeaway is that currently health, fitness, and staying hydrated in the most aesthetic way possible is super on trend. My favorite? I like my giant pink tumbler that I put my water in every morning. I think that something about carrying around something that is really pretty helps me to remember to drink water throughout the day.
  1. Preppy Vibes: This is very reminiscent of the “Coastal Grandmother” trend that started going viral last year. Think your grandmother who lives on the Cape, Martha’s Vineyard, or even the Hamptons who wears cozy knit sweaters, collars with the shirt popped, cute pearls, and gardens with an adorable floppy sun hat. Think of what she would wear and you basically have the coastal grandmother. Preppy extends out a bit more to not just basic beiges, but to nautical stripes, hues of blue, pretty florals paired with white denim, and khakis. You can get so creative and broad with the “preppy” look, and if 100% preppy is too much for you, then pick your favorite pieces of the trend and try it out by adding it to your own style!
  1. Sporty Chic: We all know the tried, true, and very much loved (especially by me!) trend of athleisure. Taking some cues from the preppy trend, The Sporty Chic Trend is inspired by literal uniforms, think golf and tennis. Crisp white tennis shoes, flowy skorts, collared shirts and a visor can take you from the court to the course to brunch easily. My favorite combo is a skort, a sleeveless collared shirt and a light sweater tied over my shoulders. I love combining white, cream, and light beiges together because 1) Neutrals are great, and 2) the lighter hues I pick the cooler I am in this hot weather.
  2. “Pilates Girl” Look (AKA Athleisure): I know that this trend has a totally different name now, but to me this is along the same lines of the athleisure trend that has been with us for the last 8-10 years. I think that the main difference in this trend is the emphasis on matching sets as well as the prominence of pastel colors.

I hope that you have enjoyed this Style Savvy! Remember, there are no right or wrong ways to wear trends, so try something new and make it your very own!

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