Travis Duda

Hello Dear Readers, 

I am about to experiment with something that I didn’t think would affect me. I’m on record saying that edibles don’t pack the same punch for me as burning cannabis. To fully test the theory my editor has invited me to take a reasonably high dose while recording my journey. So in honor of our favorite celebration this month, I decided to take 100 mg of THC in a brief amount of time. I started with the standard serving and followed the instructions of eating one serving and waiting two hours for effect. Before I start, my assumption is that I’m going to be fine and then fall asleep. To prevent this, I purposely picked up Kanha Cannabis’ sativa infused, sour cherry limeade flavored belts for the “high-dose consumer”. Join me as I hopefully get stupid high, but not too much…


I started with 2 pieces, (10 mg) which were delicious. My timer  has been set for two hours. Let’s see what happens. 

1:48 PM

It’s about an hour in and I’m becoming impatient. I started this journey sober and I’m not really feeling anything. Time to take an additional 20 mg (30mg total). Unrelated, I have a chubby Chihuahua near me who is interested in my snacks, but I swear I did not give him any. Now we play the waiting game again.

2:19 PM

I still don’t really feel any effect. A quick Google search showed me there are some theories on how to increase your high and make it hit faster and longer. A lot of it is based on foods which seems counterintuitive to what I’m trying to do. However exercise is supposed to help. It’s still a little cold here in the beautiful city of Worcester, but not cold enough to prevent me from taking a mile walk from my girlfriend’s house to mine. 

2:43 PM

Got to my studio and moved fast to keep my heart rate up. That said, I still don’t feel any more stoned. It’s been about an hour, and I’m taking another 20 mg (50mg total).

3:04 PM

So it’s been 20 minutes or so and I’m starting to feel a little bit of something. I’m still fairly coherent and I don’t feel overly tired quite yet. But there is the suggestion or hint of a high coming on…maybe?

3:53 PM

Alright friends. I was afraid it was gonna come to this, but it has now been another hour since my last dose and I am just not feeling much of anything. I slowly tipped toed up to this point, but now I am going to take the remaining 50 mg (100mg total) and see how it goes. My girlfriend just let out an exhale of sincere concern. She apparently thinks I’m stoned, but I am I do not. Results inconclusive, more experiments are needed. 


It has been two hours since I took 50 mg and I am really not feeling any different than I normally would if I was sober. This is kind of anticlimactic, but it also kind of underlines a suspicion I had. I’ve read some interesting articles about Ediblocking, which is a theory that some people have a variation of a key liver enzyme that is too efficient at processing ingested THC or something else is preventing it from being metabolized. There clearly needs to be more research into this, but I understand if they want to cure cancer first. 

So with that bombshell of a conclusion, I would like to say thank you all very much for reading my column for the past couple years. It has been extremely fun to write about the industry and about the culture around it. I like to think we normalized cannabis a little bit and I leave you in the wonderful hands of Eric Casey who will have your monthly pot gossip going forward. This is not the last you’ll hear from me though. I’ll be back with another column soon enough. 

Until then, be well and happy trails.

-Travis (@hunchbacktravis)