April Goddard

Hello Pulse readers and happy Spring! We are deep in the middle of the season at this point, and are getting to witness all of the beautiful things that come along with it; The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and the joyful moods and colors of spring are in the air. I love this time of year, because by this point it is safe to say that we can all officially come out of our winter hibernation and step into the sun (literally). That means it’s time to pack away the coats, hats, and sweaters of winter in favor of some lighter pieces to match the season. This season will see fashion trends massively influenced by the late 90’s and the Y2K era. As a millennial, I must say I am totally here for it. So if you want to learn my prediction for the top 5 trends that will be here to stay this spring, keep on reading!

  1. French Manicure: This was out for so long in favor of nudes, neutrals, and solid nail colors. Now we are seeing the french manicure making a comeback in a major way this spring. There are many modern variations of this nail trend; You can do a thin, thick, or medium mani, or maybe a glossed or donut-glazed one. One thing that is totally here to stay in the sleek almond shaped nail, which can be paired perfectly with this style. Another option for the die-hard Y2K fans-a short and square manicure.
  2. Loose Jeans: I can one hundred percent say that I do not foresee skinny jeans coming back into fashion any time soon. Largely influenced by the comfort athletic sweatpants that we were all sporting during the pandemic, the loose fitting jean is also a brushed up and modern play on the styles that we saw back in the 90’s, combined with the low-rise relaxed fit of the Y2K.
  3. Claw Clips: Claw clip hair accessories are hardly a new thing, but have become a big trend over the last year. The claw clip can enable you to style long or short hair in a variety of ways, and there are plenty of variations for different hair lengths and colors. Once a trend left back in the 90’s is now a great (and easy) way to look polished and keep your hair out of your face as the weather warms.
  4. Uggs and Other Shearling Footwear: Now I know that I just finished saying that we were putting away winter attire. But hear me out-there are so many different styles and colors of this shearling favorite that many are choosing to carry this footwear into the spring and even summer months paired with skirts, shorts, or distressed denim. Not to mention, they are super comfy.
  5. Track Suits: I really really cannot believe my own eyes as I am typing this, but here it goes-the track suit is back. I know you’re probably thinking Yup, it’s been back. But no-I mean the every shade of the rainbow-colored, velour, matching top and bottoms,  low-rise, Y2K everyone had one tracksuit. Now, if velour is not your cup of tea, I get it. Stick with cotton-based sports tracksuits and pair with a cute pair of sneakers.