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420 IN THE 508: JANUARY 2023



Hello friends and happy New Year!
You did it! You made it through the holidays and a new year celebration.
It’s the obligatory time to look at your life and figure out how to make this
year better than the last. Like most people I could probably benefit from
losing some of my chub and flub here and there. As an avid cannabis user I
too fall victim to the unfortunate side effects of our beloved herb. I’ve tried
a few ways to combat the munchies but far too often I succumb to that intense
urge to snack attack post session. Here’s what works best for me. For
starters I keep my cabinets filled with healthy snacks only. Well healthy-ish
snacks. You define what that means for you. I feel like eating a bag of dried
mango slices is better than a box of Fruit By the Foot, but by that logic eating
only one bag of Doritos is better than eating two. So you do you. But
if you’re looking to just nip munchies in the bud entirely I have had some
positive experience with choosing to hydrate instead of junk food. This
also includes having some stuff with electrolytes like Gatorade because
that seems to curb my appetite. Some people suggest gum or mints but I
have definitely eaten an entire pack of Mentos and not even recognized it.
One of the best things I found to trick my brain is to just straight up brush
my teeth. I feel like it signals to my brain,”hey we’re not eating for a while,
so deal with it”. All told, I kind of lean into the munchies because I don’t
really eat much during the day. So yea, I’ll keep my dried mango slices at
the ready, best of luck on your adventure.

Now if you already abandoned the New Year’s Resolution, made yourself
comfortable on the couch, but your jars need a resupply, may I suggest you
consider Major Bloom‘s delivery service. My design studio was especially
busy this holiday season and there was a day where I just could not get over
to the dispensary. Thankfully Major Bloom offers a free delivery service to
Worcester customers. I’ve tried some of the medicinal delivery services in
the past and was less than stoked about how long it took to get my cannabis.
I put my order in 45 min before they opened and Major Bloom had my
delivery to my door in a couple hours. I’m a big fan of supporting local
and I’m pumped when that coalesces with good service and lets me stay focused
on the things that I need to do. I will most definitely be using Major
Bloom‘s delivery service again in the future.

That brings you to my final point this month, what do you think about
your medicinal card? Mine’s up for renewal, and I’m probably going to
pay the fee, however with prices becoming more and more affordable and
services like Major Bloom offering free recreational delivery, the reasons
to keep my med card are becoming fewer. One of the main reasons I’ll
probably keep it is the discount point system, but I have to believe it is only
a matter of time before a similar system can be implemented on the adult
use side. Ultimately I’m just trying to save some money while using my
preferred pain reliever of choice. It’s an expensive habit and Daddy needs
his medicine. But as I sit here on my couch, eating my third bag of Doritos,
and considering ordering some Newton Square Pizza and some Major
Bloom, is the $200/year to keep up the card really saving me anything?

Be well and happy trails.
-Travis (@hunchbacktravis)

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