“I love creating the environment,” Matt Gonzalez smiles, “I want you to feel comfortable. Like I want to create that environment, from the music to the drinks and everything. I want to make sure your first interaction is positive.” With his big smile and warm brown eyes, Matt definitely knows how to make you feel comfortable. “This is a safe space, especially since we’re the only gay bar in the neighborhood,” Matt says, as he slides the ROYAL,

a dark purple Empress gin martini with limoncello and a splash of pomegranate juice to me. Aside from delicious drinks, the MB has dance nights, karaoke, and other fun events throughout the week. “We have a drag bingo every month, it’ll be every other week beginning in January,” Matt tells me.

Matt is friendly and easy to talk to, as we discussed everything from his day job as a software engineer to the MB being the only official LGBTQ+ bar in the city. “I think it’s gonna happen,” he says, in regards to more gay bars opening in Worcester, “I think we’re still at that turning point where we’re developing so much, that I think other people can start seeing Worcester as being that spot to be at. Even here, we get people from Boston and Providence coming here all the time, especially on the weekend and they’re like, ‘we want something different and this is different’. It’s great, I’m like, welcome.” Beautiful bartenders and amazing drinks aside, the MB is an inclusive space for everybody, stop by and see for yourself!