Travis Duda

Happy holidays to my pot smoking compatriots. We have found ourselves once again in the
middle of that wonderfully hectic time of the year. Maybe you, like me, have found yourself in
need of finally purchasing presents. Hopefully you’re even buying a gift for some stoners in your
life. In this month’s column I’ve collected some thoughts and ideas for you to consider this giving
season to help make sure your stoner flips their lid when they get your gift.

Most daily cannabis users already have a vast collection of trays. It seems like dispensaries are
giving them out more than selling. That said there are some nicer options out there that look and
function better than your typical aluminum dab tray. I’m personally keen on RAW’s Triple Flip
Rolling Foldable one. You can easily see it for yourself on their Instagram. Their owner Josh has
a bunch of videos showing off the tray’s capabilities as well as all their other products. Like
check out their Reserva stash and packer. That thing looks fun to whip out at parties, crank
some Petey Pablo, and spin it like a helicopter.

I would guess that the most popular stoner gift would be a new vaporizer. I’m going to follow
that up with an unpopular opinion though. I would suggest steering clear of the PAX 3. I get that
it works really well for some folks but I’ve never enjoyed my experience and I’ve burned my lip
more times than I’d like to count. However I do agree with some of the suggested health
benefits of vaping so I’ve been puffing on a lot more 510 live resin carts. These have been a
wonderful, odorless alternative when I can’t wear my normal cologne. The pens are nice but in a
party setting, it’s a little underwhelming. Back in college, our group had a good friend with a
Volcano. Our sessions would revolve around the slowly rising cloudy hot air balloon. I remember
being annoyed about how often the bags needed to be replaced and although it did have a
novelty look, it still felt like we were huffing drugs from a balloon. A classier option that I’ve had
my eye on is the Zenco Bello “Vapor Tap”. With its brandy snifter style design, passing one of
their full glasses of vapor is an elegant way to integrate cannabis into social events. I haven’t
had the pleasure of using it yet, but their website and videos show that their models fit 510
thread cartridges, can accommodate extracts, and even has a flower option. I’m eager to try all

Grinders, bowls, lighters, lighter enhancements, and other general pot accessories always make
great gifts. My sister bought me this excellent 3-stage grinder last year that I still use daily. Just
be mindful of who you’re buying for. We still lovingly tease my dad about the year he bought my
sister and I these smell proof bags. They were purple purses that didn’t really match our style,

but we appreciated them all the same. Some of my successful weed gifts include automatic
grinders for older smokers in my life whose arthritis made it too hard to operate a traditional
grinder. I’ve gifted bowls and pieces that reminded me of people. Like any gift, it’s really the
thought that counts. I challenge you to think outside the box a little bit though. What do stoners
need that they don’t necessarily know they need? Maybe it’s access to snacks and beverages.
Maybe it’s just screens or a good ashtray. It could even be the perfect album or artwork
accompaniment that sets the tone for the best smoking session of their career.

Most real potheads are easy to please so whatever you think is best will probably be

Happy holidays, be well, and happy trails.
-Travis (@hunchbacktravis)