April Goddard

Hi Pulse readers, 

I’m so glad that you’re here! The spring and summer months are prime times for weddings and bridal showers! The daunting and sometimes nerve-wracking task of picking out the perfect gift for your loved one or friend can be overwhelming. While many may have a registry, others may leave the art of gift-giving up to their guests. Maybe you are getting married yourself and don’t quite know what to put on your registry. Ahead are five trendy and creative ideas on what to gift to brides on their special day! 

1. Personalized champagne glasses – Have you been hopping on the maker machine trend? Are you obsessed with partaking in your newfound craft every chance you get? One of the best excuses to get crafting is when you have to go to a party that traditionally calls for gifts. My personal favorite thing that I have been seeing trending everywhere is personalized champagne glasses for the happy couple. This can be personalized with everything from their names, their favorite animals, or the date of their wedding.

2. Makeup gift basket – For the bride or groom who loves cosmetics. My favorite thing in the world is putting together personalized gift baskets for people. I think that is so much more personal than buying one pre-made. In this particular case, I would opt for their favorite products, maybe some that they’ve been eyeing for a long time, or even some new releases or fun skincare products that you can wrap up in one cute little basket. Plus, they will have some nice new makeup to wear on their wedding day or any other upcoming festivities that they will be having!

3. Coffee/beverage – For my coffee people. Who wouldn’t love to get some coffee-related things? Keeping with the style theme, why not go ahead and hop back on the gift basket idea, not just with coffee but with cute mugs or stylish tumblers thrown into the mix as well. You could go the personalization route, or even get super-blingy with a stand-out mug that they will smile at every time they use it!

4. Personalized Pennant – A little home or office decor with a twist! Give the gift of being super personalized and unique with a gift from Oxford Pennants. There are plenty of pennants and flags to choose from that you can customize with their names, their wedding date, cute sayings, or even just a simple “Mr. and Mrs.”. If you are the family member or loved one planning a shower, bonus points for ordering up one of these unique pieces and adding it to the party decor. The bride will thank you, and be able to use the pennant or flag for years to come in her home.

5. Sleep Masks – Wedding planning can be stressful, and one of the most important things you can give a bride is the gift of a peaceful night’s rest with a sleep mask. Sleep masks are available everywhere, and prices range from $6.99 at Target to $160 for the Circcell amethyst mask. The super soft Mantra Sleep Mask is always a great choice, it’s breathable and puts zero pressure on those pre-wedding glam eyelashes. Now if only they could make one to help with those mother in law nightmares.

So, get your dancing shoes ready and celebrate the upcoming milestones in your friends’ lives with any of these thoughtful ideas. Don’t hesitate to treat yourself too, you deserve it for being a good friend with great taste in gifts!