Ready, set, grab some art! Art on the Line, one of ArtsWorcester’s most beloved annual events, returned this February for the first time since 2017. Executive Director Juliet Feibel attributes the popularity of Art on the Line because it’s “fast, easy, and open to everybody,” adding, “It’s a super affordable event, different from any other fundraiser, and it’s fast. The mad dash is over in a half hour or so.” All of the money raised is used to support ArtsWorcester’s youth and outreach programs.

Art on the Line originated in 2012 with Cynthia Woehrle, an artist working at ArtsWorcester. The sizes and shapes of her vision have changed slightly over time, but all the donated works are now 5”x7” or smaller. Each piece is placed into biodegradable transparent envelopes before being clipped into the installation, waiting to be snagged on opening night.

The real fun starts when the doors to ArtsWorcester open for the event, and everyone races in to grab the hanging postcard sized artwork. ArtsWorcester artist and Board President Ryan Hacker cheerfully describes it as, “totally unpretentious and similar to Black Friday.” Once guests have seized their prizes, they’ll often hang out and negotiate trades with their fellow art lovers, or enjoy the installation again with a less frenzied pace. Art on the Line is truly a welcoming event that engages the entire community, from artists to art lovers and everyone in between.

Many of the artists who submit pieces are members of ArtsWorcester, but donations for Art on the Line are open to everyone. “Absolutely anyone who wants to donate work is welcomed and thanked. Every single piece donated goes up on the line,” Feibel explains. All the artwork is priced at $20, making this a great way to get to know the local art scene while supporting a good cause. Recent Holy Cross grad and ArtsWorcester member Nathan Manna feels Art on the Line is a “really a great way to get involved” and submitted four collage prints to this year’s event.

Tickets to the February 12th event were limited to 100 first come first served lucky guests, with many more placed on a waiting list. 190 pieces were sold that night, which was roughly three quarters of what ArtsWorcester had to offer. There are some pieces still available for after event sales that will be hanging in the gallery, which is open 12 to 5pm Thursday through Sunday.

Membership to ArtsWorcester is open to anyone regardless of experience or practice, so visit the gallery to introduce yourself and become a member! They also partner with museums, schools, and local businesses to celebrate and promote contemporary art in Worcester. ArtsWorcester produces around fifteen exhibitions a year, showcasing and advancing the work of over 300 artists in the community. So don’t feel bad if you missed Art on the Line, there are more events on the horizon, and you can stay up to date with ArtsWorcester’s calendar on their website.