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Happy Holidays Pulse Readers! I am so excited to present the final Style Savvy for the year 2021, which is going to be geared towards everything holiday! Whether you are traveling for the first time in a while to see family, staying at home, or having a virtual gathering, we have the top trends for this holiday season that you will want to try asap. These outfit combos will have you looking and feeling your best (and most comfortable!) Read on for the trendiest cloth your clothing and accessories for Holiday Season 2021!

1. The Wide Leg Pant: Since the apparent death of the skinny jean back in 2020 (although yours truly still boldly rocks the ‘millennial’ trend) pants of all types have seen a shift from tightly fitted and buttoned up to a more relaxed and wider leg fit. Now this does not mean that you have to go and trash all of your more fitted pants, but if you are looking for a feel more similar to the sweatpants that we have all become accustomed to wearing over the last year and a half, then going for a still formal, yet wider leg pant for your holhalf, holiday occasion might indeed be the way to go. Try pairing a wide iday leg pant with a nice, slightly more fitted blouse to add some visual balance to your outfit.

  1. Maxi Dress/Skirt: I know what you must be thinking: This is New England. In winter. Why would I wear a dress or skirt? But hear me out: A dress or skirt is going to offer the same comfort level as a pair of sweatpants with its loose and relaxed fit. With a festive maxi skirt, you can pair a comfortable oversize sweater for a polished yet warm look. For a maxi dress, an oversized, button up cardigan will offer something cozy to wear with a 90’s inspired flare.
  2. Leggings: We haven’t quite done away with all of our comfy attire from lockdown last year. A favorite that is more worn than ever, the leggings can be dressed up or more casually in so many ways. A cotleggings cotton-based legging will prove to be the best material for a more speton-special occasion. I love leggings with tall boots and an oversized sweatcial sweater, but if you are staying in the holiday season, the sweater+legging er, combo works just as well with an amazing pair of slippers.
    I hope that you have enjoyed reading Style Savvy this year! Be sure to try out some of these cute and comfortable holiday trends this season! Wishing all of our readers a happy, healthy season and start to the New Year!

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