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April Goddard

Hello, and welcome Pulse readers to the most fall time of the year (in my opinion). October is here, which means that sweaters are out, the weather is crisp, and pumpkin spice is abundant. Ah, fall-the perfect time to cozy up to a fresh new change in wardrobe and trends to make the season all the more festive. So what is going on for fashion fall 2021? Read on for all of the trendiest pieces that you will want to get your hands on asap!

Low Rise Jeans- I’ve said it before (like three times), and I’m going to need to say it again…the low rise denim trend is not going anywhere. For millennials looking to relive their youth in denim, this may be cause for celebration with a tinge of nostalgia. If you are in fact in the opposite camp and have been rocking the high rise for the past 10 years, well the good news is that that’s not quite going away either. But if you want to try the trend for the sake of trying, here are my suggestions: Try a slim bootcut or straight leg jean. I find that this is a good way to ease into the trend without going headfirst, and I generally find these styles a lot more comfortable.

Blacked Out Shades-This is by far my favorite trend of the fall. Cool pair of blacked out shades is the way to do it, as it screams chic, simplistic elegance with a hint of cool person energy. Shades this cool are a great way to make athleisure look chic, or to put the finishing touch on a more formal outfit. Size and shape don’t matter so much, but if you wanted to be a little more bold, I would go for an oversized pair!

Puffer vest- This trend has been away for a while, but last year’s resurgence of the 1980’s-esque puffer jacket has made way for the pair down version: The puffer vest. Perfect for cooler but no jacket-required weather, the puffer vest looks great with a sweater or long sleeved shirt, paired with some relaxed denim or even leggings and some sneakers for a sportier feel.

Oversized Tote- No, this trend from spring/summer 2021 will not be going anywhere for the foreseeable future. Large totes have gone in and out as the “main” or “prime” bag on trend since the early 2000’s, but it has never truly gone all the way out, meaning that investing in a quality tote is generally a safe bet. For this fall, think: A tote with rich and warm tones of brown or beige, and something that is versatile enough to hold everything that you need while still being simple in design enough to go with every outfit, whether you are heading into the office or going to brunch. Don’t love love totes because you feel like your stuff always gets lost in a tornado at the bottom of your bag? The perfect solution is a bag organizer, which you can pick out to cater to your specific needs. Mine has a holder especially for my laptop.

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