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Halloween Costume Ideas


April Goddard

Happy Spooky month everyone! There are few holidays that I personally love more than Halloween. With the crisp scent of fall in the decor and spirit in full swing, this is one that proves not to be just for the kids. Whether you are a parent or a kid yourself, this Halloween will be a little extra special as we can celebrate a bit more than we did last year. So why not make your costume this year extra special or extra creative? Read on to discover my simple and easy costumes that are sure to be a spooky season hit!

Pumpkin Spice Flare: Why not dress up with attire inspired by your favorite weekly morning beverage? (Or, let’s be honest, any morning for that matter!) The Pumpkin Spice Latte is such a fall icon, why not pay homage to it via a cute homemade costume. Here’s the deal: Everything Pumpkin Shade Hues and Golden Sparkles. A quick and easy way to get your point across is with a classic fall outfit: Try crisp denim, a pumpkin-hued shirt (bonus points if you get/make a tee with pumpkin spice on it) and add a very obvious pumpkin spice coffee cup as a prop to drive your message home. Voila! You not only love pumpkin spice, but you are pumpkin spice.

The 90’s Cartoon Character: There was really no tv like the 90’s, especially when it pertains to those famous saturday morning (and night) cartoons. Have a TV character that resonated with you at that time? Create your own costume out of it, and give super brownie points to your friends and fam who can read exactly who you are. 90’s tv nostalgia hits differently, and you will be sure to get creativity points for thinking outside the box. (Hint: an obvious logo or a name tag if you are picking a really obscure character wouldn’t hurt.)

The Band Tee Look: Do you have a favorite band or artist? Like, haven’t missed a concert in the last decade enthusiastic? Grab that favorite band tee from the last concert that you went to and rock that for All Hallow’s Eve. Here’s the way to do it: wear some coordinating pants or leggings (usually black would be a good choice) and pick your makeup and/or accessories to coordinate as well. You could even go a step further and try to style your hair or accessorize in the same way that members of the band commonly would. Be creative and think about the best way to communicate the overall feel of your band of choice.

Pick a Decade: This is one of my favorites. I think that this is a fun way to travel back in time to iconic points in history, if only for an evening. Some favorites that come to mind are: The Roaring 20’s (seems appropropriate exactly a century later), the 70’s (think outrageous bell bottoms and popped collars), or the 80’s (the wildest time for makeup and hair on record). Pick a time that resonates with you or that you will have the most fun dressing up as. Don’t forget to be creative and go all out!

Pick a Sport: This is a fairly easy one, especially if you are a last-minute costume getter, and especially easy if you already play a sport. Dress up as your favorite athlete, or go more generally and just pick a sport that you enthusiastically watch or are interested in playing. You never know, it may just inspire you to finally go and book those lessons!

Coordinate with your Favorite Furry Friend: Okay, now this is my all time favorite for real! Who can resist taking your fluffy friend along with you on Halloween, especially if they are rocking coordinating attire? Certainly not me. If you have a tiny friend, a little costume or vest to match your theme will be adorable. If your friend is a bit on the bigger size, why not try a matching collar or bandana? Everyone will surely ooo and ahh at the sight of your fab partner in crime, and they are sure to be a hit at any spooky gathering. Even try a matching leash-especially if you’re going to an unfamiliar outdoor place or your little friend will be walking around someplace where there will be unknown children or people! It’s a surefire way to be festive, and keep everyone safe too!

So readers, I hope that you have enjoyed reading these quick and easy costume ideas- and that you all have a spooky and safe Halloween!

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